Windows 7 now fastest-selling Windows OS

Windows 7 now fastest-selling Windows OS

Summary: Just six months after its release, Windows 7 is now installed on one in 10 of the world's PCs, Microsoft has confirmed.

Just six months after its release, Windows 7 is now installed on one in 10 of the world's PCs, Microsoft has confirmed.

The operating system was launched on 22 October, 2009 and has gone on to sell more than 100 million licenses, making it the fastest-selling Windows OS in history according to Microsoft.

Microsoft recently reported revenues of $14.5bn for the financial quarter ended 31 March and chief financial officer Peter Klein said Windows 7 "continues to be a growth engine" — with Windows revenue up 28 percent year-on-year.

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  • Easy to do when you offer the best OS

    There's no spinning this one. People are voting
    with their wallets. Windows 7 IS the best
    operating system we have ever seen.

    Kudos to the fine folks in Redmond who worked diligently to raise the bar and simplify the lives
    of millions!
    • Sigh

      "Windows 7 IS the best operating system we have ever seen."

      Win7 is good, but ... really? Drop the hyperbole.
      • So what's better than Windows 7

        What does all that Windows 7? The honest is nothing else. It's not perfect, it has it problems, but its more functional overall than any OS on the planet right now.
    • Hear! Hear! nt

    • Sure, when it's pre-installed on most every OEM machine

      Yeah, I guess you would have an sales advantage there. doh...

      That certainly doesn't mean it's the best. It just means the DOJ will have to look into it some more.
      ubiquitous one
  • RE: Windows 7 now fastest-selling Windows OS

    And now the momentum has begun its just going to increase in adoption speed from here. In 3 months we will read how its on every 1 out of 2 computers. I like the idea of an having Microsoft Windows 7 on every desktop. You can standardize your applications that way. Plus Microsoft Windows 7 offers so much more than its predecessors, better security, stability, compatibility. Really there is no reason not to make the move to Microsoft Windows 7.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Company I work for won't be upgrading soon

      They'd have to replace all the 2004 era laptops now on everyone's desk. Unless somebody can convince management that it's needed it won't happen. It isn't needed. Everyone does their work just fine with old XP laptops from six years ago.
      Our product ships on XP embedded. No upgrade there.
      We do have one Vista machine floating around. It'll be here for years, no upgrade.
      • Maybe they should

        Given that its 6 year old laptops its just a matter of time before the parts start failing, and your hardware is no longer under warranty. It just wouldn't be worth it to keep fixing them. So the next logical step is to upgrade to new hardware with Microsoft Windows 7 pre-installed. Your employees will be thankful and much more productive.
        Loverock Davidson
        • You are incorrect

          I've been in this business at both the support level and engineer for about 20 years now, and the hardware I've seen the turn of the century has been the best quality than has been seen before.

          The components that used to slowly die and create problems at the hardware level haven't been around in a while. The use of discrete components and integrated chips has reduced the number of capacitors and transistors, not to mention the materials used in those components. Hard drives are either going to fail soon after you purchase, or will last for years and years.

          Nope, no upgrades for many companies, like mine. There's just no compelling improvement in the operating system, and those computers we bought 4-6 years ago need a memory upgrade but that's all.

          And how's this to blow your mind, new computers continue to get XP pre-installed on them instead of 7! Why?! Because as Mr. Davidson said... "You can standardize your applications that way."
          • I'm right, wait and see

            If you don't upgrade your hardware then its just a matter of time. No compelling reason to upgrade? Then you don't know about the improved security and better PC management. Like I said, its its just a matter of time. Its ok, I'll wait for you to come back here and say "Loverock, you were right all along."
            Loverock Davidson
          • My company doesn't need 'improved security' from OS

            because they're running a bunch of third party
            security products on top of it, enterprise
            wide. I work in a security conscious industry.
            They're not going to allow us to just use the
            OS for security - our insurers wouldn't allow
            The real reason there's so much hype about
            upgrading the OS is either because people just
            like it and think it's cool, or they're
            Microsoft shills who want to increase sales to
            make money. There is no compelling business
            case for upgrading here.
            If I don't complain, my 2004 laptop will be on
            my desk forever, or until it fails.
          • Actually..

            If you look at some of the management features Windows 7 combined with a Server 2008 back end offers you may see that there is a lot Windows 7 can offer businesses and schools.

            The problem here is many people cannot seem to look past the GUI and are quick to dismiss Windows 7 as not worthwhile. Many of your posts lead me to believe you are one of those people.

            Windows 7 offers many things to the home/end user as well in terms of tools and utilities to help increase productivity and functionality on top of it's better security.

            If you have an older computer then by all means don't rush out and upgrade. No one is making you. But do not be so quick to dismiss something that many others see value in by making comments on something you seem to know very little about.
          • Not grasping elementary security.

            Third-party security applications are only one aspect. XP Professional to date has 36 unpatched vulnerabilities, the most serious rated "highly critical."


            The success rate for XP patches should be a concern, and to my mind strengthens the case for upgrading.
            Lester Young
          • I disagree about hardware

            I work in a Dell enviornment. If you are talking about towers, then I agree. Small Form Factors I see have overheating issues after 4 years causing capacitors to explode.
          • Lifespan of small form factors

            If you're talking about mid-2006 or earlier laptops I agree. 2004-05 era P4 laptops are living on borrowed time. However, C2D processors changed the thermal picture dramatically for the better.
            Lester Young
      • Why? My 5 year old laptop runs Win7 with aplomb (NT)

        • Why would you buy Win7 for a five year old laptop

          Unless you got it for free, the OS prolly cost more than the hardware's worth.

          lol... :D
          ubiquitous one
          • When Windows 7 first came out

            It was easy to get it cheap.

            Maybe he wants to continue to use working hardware? I dunno.
            Michael Alan Goff
          • Well if you are a linux or OS X user, you might not understand it's....

            an investment.
            Writing code for the Windows 7 platform, or learning to manage the OS or using it to write Windows 7 Phone code etc.
            Some people laugh at the price of Windows because it pays them back handsomely myriad times over for the next 10 years.
          • Oh boy!

            [i]Some people laugh at the price of Windows because it pays them back handsomely myriad times over for the next 10 years.[/i]

            Have you considered acting classes?

            lol... :D
            ubiquitous one