Windows 7 release date leaked?

Windows 7 release date leaked?

Summary: An Acer exec said his company's upcoming All In One PC would debut with Windows 7 installed near the end of October.

ZDNet UK's David Meyer has just phoned in a hot news tip moments ago from a meeting he's been having with Acer. The vice-president for Europe, Massimo D'Angelo, was getting excited about AIO, the company's forthcoming All In One PC, with all sorts of things like multitouch, things to show off all the wonderful capabilities of Windows 7 - and said that it would be in-store at the back end of September, using Windows 7 technology.

David asked whether D'Angelo had just outed the release date for Windows 7. He replied no, the AIO would go on sale on the 23rd of October "and not a day before".

There was a flurry from the ranks at that point, and the marketing guy looked as if he'd pay almost anything to have Massimo retro-fitted with Control-Z. But what was said could not be unsaid - and while there's no confirmation of the date from anyone else, it is our firm impression from the circumstances of the blooper that it's accurate.

This article was first posted on ZDNet UK.

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  • Windows 7

    I was at the same meeting and understood that this wasn't a firm date as Microsoft were liable to change it. However I agree that it was the only date they had at the time.
    • i obtained

      I obtained my XP (devilsown) copy months before it was launched to the market.
  • RE: Windows 7 release date leaked?

  • RE: Windows 7 release date leaked?

    Naa, not leaked, just some corpy getting his hopes up.

    Probably worried he might not get his christmas bonus this year.
    So he gone and said a random date after the US holidays.
    That is Microsoft's official realease date, apparently!
    My opinion.

    Peace out.

    Running Win 7 Build 7137 Evaluation Copy. and so far, incredibly impressed.
    Faster than my tweaked XP.