Next batch of ZTE's sold-out Firefox OS smartphones coming in September

Next batch of ZTE's sold-out Firefox OS smartphones coming in September

Summary: Don't worry if you missed out on buying ZTE's $80 Firefox smartphones – more are on the way.


ZTE put the first batch of its Firefox OS device, the ZTE Open, on sale in the UK and US on Friday. By Monday, the low-cost, low-spec devices had sold out.

Those who missed out need not fret, though — more are on the way. "We will make more Open available on eBay in September," a ZTE spokesperson told ZDNet.

ZTE launched the phone with Telefonica in Spain in July, and subsequently released it with the operator in Venezuela and Colombia. In the UK and US, where the device doesn't have carrier support, ZTE made an unlocked version available via its eBay store.

ZTE released just under 2,000 devices in its first production run in the two countries, which sold out in fewer than three days.

The device comes with a 3.5-inch multitouch screen, a three-megapixel forward-facing camera, and runs on a single-core 1GHz processor from Qualcomm. It was priced at £60 for the UK and $80 in the US.

Although it's still early days for Firefox OS, which is being primed as an alternative to Android and iOS in some markets, it has received solid operator interest, with support promised by carriers including Deutsche Telekom and Telenor. 

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  • Nice Little phones

    I got mine a few weeks ago. If you have one check out the game Tower Storm, although it's in early development it's already one of the most fun games on the phone.