NextGen CIO mentor Q&A: Henry Shiner

NextGen CIO mentor Q&A: Henry Shiner

Summary: McDonald's Australia and New Zealand CIO Henry Shiner speaks of how CIOs need to be business leaders, not just members of a company's senior leadership team with a purely technical focus.


Starting out as a McDonald's crew member at Yagoona, New South Wales, then moving on via an honours degree in chemical engineering and several senior business management gigs, Henry Shiner "came home" to McDonald's ANZ in 2007 as VP/CIO.

In this video, Shiner--a mentor in ZDNet's NextGen CIO program--shares his passions for business, mentoring McDonalds' staff, cooking, and for exploiting technology to improve the McDonalds customer experience.

Topics: NextGen CIO, CXO, Australia

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