Nexus 10 supplies crawling back to Google Play stores - and disappearing again

Nexus 10 supplies crawling back to Google Play stores - and disappearing again

Summary: Google's Nexus 10 tablet is available once again, but supplies remain patchy and stores in Europe and the Australia are reporting some variants of the 10-inch device are already out of stock.

TOPICS: Tablets, Android, Mobility, EU

Following on from newly replenished Nexus 4 supplies, Google has restocked Nexus 10 tablets at some of its online stores across the world.

Google launched the competitively priced Nexus 10 last October to much fanfare and mixed reviews, but like the LG-made Nexus 4, supplies of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean tablets were limited.

The 32GB and 64GB versions, respectively available for $399 and $499, returned to the Google Play store in US late last week via Google Play, with buyers told to expect shipping times of between one to two weeks.

Although early reports suggested Europe may be better stocked with the Samsung-built devices, a quick check of Google's local sites suggests patchy availability.

In the UK and Germany, the 32GB Nexus 10 is out of stock, according to Google Play, while the 16GB is available with shipping times of three to five days.

In France, the 16GB device is out of stock, while the 32GB can be shipped in three to five days. In Spain and Australia, both the 32GB and 16GB are out of stock.

Topics: Tablets, Android, Mobility, EU

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  • Buy If You Can As Long As You Don't Complain!

    By all means buy one of these if you can (they're amazing!) but as long as you never have to complain to Google! I'm on my 3rd Nexus 10 (still to receive it) and have been unable to make a complaint anywhere except with the support person dealing with my problem and all they tell you to do is call an automated feedback line and at the last section of any more comments to leave your complaint... eh?? What an absolute joke that you can't complain to anyone in a company like Google! I've been having two problems, first the seals on the box have been broken on the two units (here's me opening the 2nd one I have received and also both have had light bleed on them. Here's a picture of the plastic film on the back which hasn't been put back on very well by the first person to own my 2nd Nexus 10: I know, it's all very complicated. Oh, in the meantime Google are holding £389 on my bank account which I can't touch until they sort out their mess! I'm not a happy Google customer!

    Any reporters wanting to take up my story drop me an email :-)
  • Don't buy this if you like accessories either

    Over 2 months since this tablet came out and still no official accessories. I called Google Play and Samsung customer support and neither had any idea if and when accessories were coming out. They teased a docking station in a holiday video and talked about a portfolio case during its launch, but no confirmation of any release dates.
  • Nexus 10 16G and 32G only.

    This story mentions 32G and 64G devices. This should be 16G and 32G only. No 64G as of this date Feb 4, 2013. I'm sure that 64G devices are coming and they could be very popular. I have a 32G version.