Nexus 4 sold out in the US? Not quite

Nexus 4 sold out in the US? Not quite

Summary: After a couple of hours of trying and struggling with a Google Play Store debacle like everyone else, I just landed a supposedly sold out 8GB Nexus 4.

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This will just be a quick post since I should get back to real work after trying to buy a Nexus 4 all afternoon. However, it appears that early reports that all US-destined Nexus 4 were sold out were incorrect. Moments ago, I gave my browser a half-hearted refresh and had the option to purchase an 8GB model. A few users on Twitter reported similar unexpected successes.

Bottom line? Maybe the whole Google Play fail this morning left a few in stock or maybe Google scrapped a rollout in another country to free up phones for the US (as they did in the Netherlands earlier today). Either way, there just might be a phone or two that you can snag.

Good luck!


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  • 8GB is discontinued.

    That's why you found it. $169 at Office Depot for 8GB.
    • Are you thinking of the right one?

      The Nexus 4 is the brand-new phone, not the 7" tablet.
  • I don't understand

    why anyone would buy an 8GB (or even a 16GB) phone without an SD card slot.
    • Reasons

      When you have unlimited dataplan, you can automatically upload and download all your personal files from your own personal cloud at your home/office.

      Only demand for that 8GB storage is to cache and buffer when they are moved to permanent storage.

      I have 8GB storage on my phone/tablet but I made sure it has a 64GB MicroSD card slot support. Now I have only a 8+8GB what I have planned to upgrade to full 8+64GB because that 64GB goes for WiFi storage from my DSLR so I can continue shooting.
  • oops!

    I was talking Nexus 7 ... sorry.
  • Probably just a web site hickup or something

    saying it was sold out when there was really many in stock.

    I actually ran into that issue at Home Depot's site. No matter what it was, it was "out of stock" in every store in my area, even though I was looking at many of the items when I stopped by the store later.

    Probably just a snafu they corrected. Congrats on getting one - perseverance pays off!
    William Farrel
  • Sold out in the UK on Play Store

    Nexus 4 (8 and 16GB), Nexus 7 3G and Nexus 10 (16GB) all sold out on UK Play Store.
  • Just Bought One!

    Was sad that I missed the 12pm EST Sale (apparently started early). Was sitting here (4pm EST) and Clicked Refresh, and It said "Buy Now". Freaked out... Ran through the info and BAM! I have a16GB coming in 3-5 days
  • Google Sucks

    Yeah, i had the same experience this morning, but never received a confirmation email. I dont think it went through
  • Finally got one!

    After trying for hours since it was released I was finally able to get 16GB version after refeshing my browser at 3:00pm CT/5:00pm PT. I had one in my cart at the time it was released but was not able to check out and the cart was cleased, I've read that many had similar experience. Just keep refreshing you browser every so often if you need one you might get lucky.
  • Just got 16gb nexus 4

    Kept on refreshing and it eventually just allowed me to order it at approximately 5pm easten time.
    • Nexus almost nixed

      First off, this really was quite a failure on Google's part. After what happened in Australia hours ago followed by the demand in Europe (which makes a bit more sense since consumers over there won't see the lack of LTE as that big of a problem compared to US consumers), I was surprised by how difficult it was to buy this phone. I started checking around 8 this morning and at 845 I saw that the 16GB one could be added to cart. But actually, it couldn't. After several tried, I finally got the phone and the bumper in the cart and then came the hour-long attempt to get Google to take my almost $400 dollars. From reading forums on other sites, this happened to a lot of people, and some people ended up buying multiple phones as the cart didn't register their purchases clearly, some people ended up canceling, or they kept refreshing the cart and finding it empty, all sorts of confusion. I even called Google Play's support and they encouraged me to keep hitting "Proceed". After more than an hour had passed and I was about to give up, finally the purchase went through as if there was no hitch in the first place. It says it will be ship in two days (although I'd heard phones purchased on the 13th would be shipped the same-day but whatever). It's really clear that Google doesn't yet know how to do retail. Somehow the company seems oddly ill at ease dealing with consumers directly. It's too bad there aren't too many other avenues for vanilla Android phones that come with reasonable unlocked prices.
  • Nexus 4 not sold out

    I just landed a 16GB Nexus 4 on the Google Play wbsite at 6:10 PM ET. After seeing the posts here I went on line and spent 5 minutes refreshing the site. Finally it indicated that the phone was available for purchase. It processed my order without any glitches.
  • Reasons why inventories suddenly change

    Sometimes pre-orders are cancelled which makes the hot item suddenly available to the lucky person who stumbles upon it or who refreshes the page at the right time.

    When a buyer adds an item to a shopping cart it is often removed from the site's inventory tally as a courtesty to the customer to guarantee its availability upon completion of the sale. But, it's only temporary. The order may time-out due to inactivity. Not all sites reserve an item when it's placed in a shopping cart which can make for an unhappy buyer if he/she doesn't complete the order in a timely manner. Sometimes the buyer wants to do more shopping and the hot item will just sit in the cart awaiting completion of the order but then the buyer has a change of heart and removes it from the cart. Sometimes a credit card is denied, then said item(s) is put back in the inventory. Lucky is the person in the right place at the right time.
  • 8GB back in stock.

    8GB just ordered, just received confirmation. Order date: Nov 13, 2012 11:14:46 PM EST

    Good luck...

    Apparently they aren’t sold out, but their system has crashed on the backend for the store. There might be hope, yet!

  • You were lucky. This is what happened: In the feeding frenzy

    So during the feeding frenzy while I was trying to purchase 2 phones, I got errors 2 times, to finally being able to get an 8GB. Turns out I bought 6 units of the 16GB and the 8GB version. I think the same thing happened to many, that later cancelled their orders and product was made available by the play store. I don't think you will see much more of that happening. I think I have enough nerd friends to sell the extra units I bought, if not I will return them.

    • Wanna buy one

      Do you have some extra so you can sell to me?
  • Why is this good?

    How do you use a phone without a wireless provider?
    • SIM

      Buy a Sim card