Nexus 7: Tale of two cases

Nexus 7: Tale of two cases

Summary: Cases are already rolling out for the hot selling Nexus 7. This look at two with different approaches to covering that pretty new tablet from Google.

TOPICS: Tablets, Google

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  • Poetic Slimbook Case

    The Nexus 7 is comfortable for use in the hand with the cover open as demonstrated.

    The case is very light and is comfortable to use for extended periods.

  • Poetic Slimbook Case

    The case has a tab that holds the cover for assuming a stand for watching videos. The tablet is not extremely steady in this mode, but it's good enough for typical usage.

  • Poetic Slimbook Case

    The case can also assume a configuration for typing on a table, as shown in this photo. The Nexus 7 is positioned at a good angle for reading the screen in this mode.

Topics: Tablets, Google

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