NICTA's glimpse of tomorrow's tech: pics

NICTA's glimpse of tomorrow's tech: pics

Summary: National ICT Australia (NICTA) has thrown its doors open for the seventh time in as many years, inviting all to see what's next in cutting-edge technology and also to open the Digital Productivity Showcase, a demonstration of future applications that will likely use and show the capabilities of the National Broadband Network.


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  • (Credit: Michael Lee/ZDNet Australia)

    NICTA CEO Hugh Durrant-Whyte opens Techfest, reflecting on the past year as one that has been an "exciting, exhilarating and exceptional one for NICTA, both in terms of building outstanding research excellence and in delivering major wealth creation outcomes for Australia in the ICT space".

  • (Credit: Michael Lee/ZDNet Australia)

    NICTA's Networks Research Group has developed a prototype series of robust wireless mesh network nodes that can be deployed in instances of disaster or emergency.

    The idea is that they can be dropped out of helicopters flying over an affected area to provide ground support with an instant communications network.

  • (Credit: Michael Lee/ZDNet Australia)

    They also automatically adapt how they route, allocate wireless channels and throttle data rates by monitoring the network. The simulation seen here demonstrates how the mesh network adapts when it encounters a good or bad link between two nodes.

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