Nielsen: Many parents letting kids use their tablets for schoolwork

Nielsen: Many parents letting kids use their tablets for schoolwork

Summary: For anyone doing some last minute back-to-school shopping, a tablet is increasingly a good idea.


While the new school year is already underway for some, there are bound to be still plenty of both parents and students of all ages still shopping for some new tools.

Based on the latest Connected Devices Report from Nielsen, a tablet is worth a second thought.

For starters, approximately 78 percent of parents with tablets admitted they let their kids under the age of 11 use their tablets at home.

More than half of parents (54 percent) who let their kids use their tablets at home replied that their children used tablets for educational purposes.

Out of this pool, some of the most popular activities were reading books (42 percent), taking notes (40 percent), and finishing homework (30 percent).

The top activity was actually "searching the Internet" with 51 percent, which could be left up to some interpretation, but the other activities certainly have merit.

Back to School 2013

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Looking forward, 71 percent of people who used tablets for educational use affirmed they are interested in using the devices for accessing textbooks as well.

There are many possible takeaways from this.

Aside from the aforementioned activities getting done, accessing textbooks and other educational materials on a tablet means more organization, less clutter around the house, and less strain caused by heavy backpacks.

A tablet doesn't necessarily have to be a grand investment anymore either -- especially considering that the parents participating in this poll acknowledged they are letting their kids use tablets owned by the parents.

There could be some content and security concerns there, but there are precautions that could be easily taken in those regards too.

And there seems to be hope this way too. Nielsen researchers found that among the parents who don't already let their kids use tablets, approximately 20 percent of them said they would if there was more educational content available.

Now we get to the chicken-and-egg situation of what needs to happen first: more parents buying tablets for educational reasons, or content providers delivering digital materials first?

Infographic via Nielsen

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  • "Let"? "Admit"? "At home"? Geez.

    So using a tablet is now a surreptitious, shameful activity? Why do the marketing geniuses at Neilsen think parents bought the tablet in the first place? Oh, wait, I think I just succumbed to click bait.
  • The best tablet for students is Surface RT!!!!

    It has all the programs the students need, cool and sleek design, and a good price!!!
  • Nielsen: Many parents letting kids use their tablets for schoolwork

    These same kids will be the ones who do the worst in school. Tablets are the opposite of the ideal platform to take notes on. I can see them in school asking the teacher to stop the class for a moment while they type on the very awkward on screen keyboard that will decrease the WPM typed.

    "More than half of parents (54 percent) who let their kids use their tablets at home replied that their children used tablets for educational purposes."
    Translated this means "little Johnny is using the tablet to browse youtube video." Hardly an educational purpose to watch music videos all day.
  • Unfortunately, parents

    tend to let their kids use things that are not necessarily good for them. Watching too much TV and playing video games comes to mind. Just because Nielsen says many parents are letting their kids use tablets, you extrapolate that more parents should buy tablets for their kids! They must love to see you coming ...
    How about this? Somebody tell all those existing parents who let their kids use tablets that they should not allow them to use the tablets for schoolwork, only for leisure. For school, other than using a word processor for reports there is no reason to use a computer or a tablet. Even the word processor could be argued. Handwriting these days seems to be practically illegible - primarily because kids don't get enough practice with it. Making them write their reports instead of using a word processor would give them more practice and help make their writing more legible and smoother.