Nimblstand hands on: Improve tablet productivity with the Apple Wireless Keyboard

Nimblstand hands on: Improve tablet productivity with the Apple Wireless Keyboard

Summary: The $69 Apple Wireless Keyboard is fantastic and with the Nimblstand you can extend that experience to your iPad, Nexus, Samsung, or other tablet.


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  • Opening up the Nimblstand shipping container

    Apple's Wireless Keyboard is a fantastic piece of hardware that I use daily to enter text at a rapid pace via a Bluetooth connection. Combined with the Nimblstand accessory, you can extend this experience to your favorite tablet.


    The Nimblstand is made of lightweight, durable, and recyclable ABS plastic here in the US. The unit itself is actually two pieces. One piece is the bas unit where you slide in your Apple Wireless Keyboard and the other is an extension wedge that you can move to the front or back, depending on your usage mode.

    There are two usage modes for the Nimblstand. One that has the extension wedge opposite of the Apple Wireless Keyboard so you can enter text on your tablet. The other has the extension wedge positioned under your keyboard with your tablet facing opposite the keyboard and at a lower angle so you can draw on your tablet or manipulate it in an angled position that is more comfortable than lying on a table. Your tablet can rest in the slot in portrait or landscape orientation.

    To ensure your device is balanced, the Nimblstand opening supports tablets up to 9.6 mm (0.38 inches) thick with no maximum width. Phones and smaller tablets can be up to 14 mm (0.55 inches) thick with a maximum width of 150 mm (5.9 inches).

    The extension wedge can be moved to the side opposite of the keyboard or under the keyboard through a pinch of the side secured to the base and slide. Both the extension wedge and Apple Wireless Keyboard are secured to the base unit by sliding in from one side or the other into openings cut into the plastic.

    The Nimblstand is black plastic with Nimblstand logos in green. On the bottom of the base unit you will find two long strips of rubber material to keep it from sliding on a tabletop. There are also indicators to remind you which side to slide in the extension wedge for your intended usage.

    I was sent the combination unit to test out so a Wacom Bamboo stylus was included. It fits into a slot under the tablet opening for storage and then when you are using it to draw on your tablet it can be stored in a stylus holder on top of the Nimblstand.

    Usage and Experiences

    The Nimblstand weighs in at 193 grams and an Apple Wireless Keyboard is 318 grams. This combination offers a compelling platform for unrestricted text entry speed on a tablet and it was great to type away on the awesome Apple Wireless Keyboard while using various tablets.

    Given the weight of these products, this can help the commuter have an enhanced experience with their tablet. I could not test this on my commute since we just have one keyboard at home for our iMac, but after testing the Nimblstand in my home office I may just pick up an Apple Wireless Keyboard to use on the road with my iPad since it goes with me on every business trip.

    The Nimblstand is a simple solution, but it is often these kind of products that open our eyes to the possibilities for our mobile gear. The Nimblstand works very well for its intended design and it feels like it will last forever.

    I also had the chance to test out the Wacom Bamboo stylus and found it to be well constructed, balanced nicely, and useful for drawing on the iPad and other tablets. The stylus has a rubber nib on the end for fairly accurate drawing and writing on tablets and phones.


    You can purchase the Nimblstand for $39.99 or in combination with a Wacom Bamboo stylus for $56.99. The Apple Wireless Keyboard, sold separately through Apple, is $69.

  • Top of the Nimblstand with Bamboo stylus in storage slot

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  • Re: Nimblstand Apple Bluetooth Keyboard and Tablet Productivity....

    On the face of it is an extremely compelling product. I use the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard on a daily basis with my iMac so I am aware of its qualities.

    However although it would seem to be the ideal solution it is going to be a hard sell no matter what its qualities as there are so many Apple Haters out there which is the reason they choose to work with Android. So to attach an Apple product will be too much for some.

    Time for Samsung to copy AGAIN me thinks.
    • Nice way to spin some facts

      "there are so many Apple Haters out there which is the reason they choose to work with Android."

      Right. So it's not that they choose Android over iOS as they found Android is the better choice for them, they do it strictly because they are "Apple Haters".

      So using that logic, you can ignore the shortcoming of the iPad, which brought them Android in the first place.

      How is that helpful?
      • Re: Nice way to spin some facts....

        Don't kid yourself. There is plenty of evidence here on ZDnet covering many articles on iOS or anything Apple that the Haters come out with their pathetic Android bitching.

        I was merely attempting to point out that it is highly unlikely such individuals are going to purchase an Apple product regardless of if it improves their productivity or not.
    • Very few people are actually fanboys of Android

      You see a lot more on forums like this so it seems they are everywhere but if you go out in the "real world" there are very few Android fanboys. Most people buy Android because its inexpensive, has a feature like stylus or larger screens, etc but most are not married to the OS.

      I think Apple owners are more inclined to be brand aware and loyal. If you are going to pay the premium prices Apple charges or if you are peer conscious, there is a built in need to justify or show off that premium tech.

      Personally I use all devices and OSs. I have a iMac that came with a wireless keyboard and since I have a Mac wired keyboard for my Mac (I bootcame so I need the CTR key on boot) I use my Mac wireless keyboard for my various tablets. Its nice and works, I have even used on my Surface RT.
      Rann Xeroxx
      • spell check

        Rann Xeroxx
  • What for?

    I can see why this will be useful for some iPad users, or some users of an older tablet who already have this keyboard for some other reason.

    However, this seems to be a much inferior alternative to the myrad of tablets that have an optional keyboard dock - if you don't know what I'm talking about, google "ASUS Transformer", that seems to be the most widespread kind of keyboard dock, and similar devices are available from other brands and OS'es.

    The keyboard dock usually doubles the battery life of the tablet and has nearly the same weight as the bluetooth keyboard and stand mentioned in this article. The tablet can be used without the dock or attached to the dock and then it works exactly the same as a netbook, which is usually preferrable to carrying a tablet, a keyboard and a stand, which can only be used to type on a table.

    I can see the advantage of a different solution as long as it's significantly lighter and still attaches to the tablet and can be carried with the tablet as a single item, i.e. some iPad keyboard covers, or the Surface.
  • Tablet Add-On(s)

    Cool....nothing like paying 3 times the cost of a regular desktop system to do the same work on a tablet....Doh!
  • Huh?

    I trying to wrap my head around the reason the product was photographed on a sidewalk in Slides 4 & 5.

    OK. I get you don't work for an agency hired to do "beauty" shots of products. But a sidewalk? Really?