Nine of the best headphones for awesome sound

Nine of the best headphones for awesome sound

Summary: We highlight the best headphones we have found for noise cancelling ability and sound quality.

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  • Logitech UE 6000

    These active noise cancelling headphones have soft thick memory foam padded earpieces. One of the nice features of the UE 6000 is the splitter that allows you to share your audio with a friend. There is a storage pocket in the case for cable and batteries. Two AAA batteries will give up to 40 hours of battery life.

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  • Beats studio

    Well manufactured, but pricey headphones. The ear padding is comfortable with good listening experience and great battery life. Generally they have a clean sound but there is a slight hiss and whistle at low volumes from time to time.

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Topic: Hardware

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  • I don't use commercial end user headphones

    Not even for casual listening. I use my studio AKGs. Once you're spoiled with pro gear, it is hard to use anything else.
    • I mostly agree

      Pro gear does give better performance and durability at a lower price. I agree with that completely, but I prefer the Sony MDR-7506 to the AKG headphones. They block more background noise and are nicer through the upper mids. However, at this point, it is like arguing chocolate or strawberry ice cream. Both are good, it is just a matter of preference.
  • Almost all of these are not the best

    I would argue from many professional headphone reviews that many of these are not even considered good in accurate reproduction of sound. I cannot tell you how much better you can do with what you would spend on Beats with a real well designed pair of headphones. Beats as many other design cue headphones are not the best. Maybe stylish, in vogue and nicer to look at. But for many its the sound that counts. I find most of these more about style, convenience, and noise reduction then pertaining to quality sound.
  • No prices?

    Reviews with prices are only useful for the very rich.
  • I'll take the Sennheisers any day

    I have a pair of Sennheisers I'll stick with. They have nice sound - clean highs and solid bass at any volume. I'm not a loud listener as I value my hearing for later years. They block out most noise, and are so comfortable I can wear them all day. IMHO Beats are a huge waste of money other than making an impression of wasting money on trendy junque.
    • Sennheisers are great.

      I've had the HD-414, HD-424 and now the larger open air model. All excellent, even with a single AAA powered Sony digital recorder and MP3 player.
  • priced for idiots

    all of the headphones in this review are priced for people who don't really know what good headphones sound like but want to feel that they're buying something good and therefore it must cost more than the cheap stuff.
    fact is I've had $12 in ears from Winners (Panasonic brand) that sounded better than the 200$ Beats by Dre and those don't even sound that great!
    the Sony MDR-7506 are my favourite both for price and quality - professional sound at less than pro-Sumer price!
    I feel bad for the idiots who buy this crap...
  • best headphones

    This article is great. found a red pair of the Logitech 6000 headphones on Amazon for the cheapest price and free 2 day shipping: - I'm so happy that I just had to share this link with someone.