Nine ultimate tech BBQ tools for the uber geek

Nine ultimate tech BBQ tools for the uber geek

Summary: Want something a little more sophisticated to help you at your BBQ cookouts? Get out these uber techy accessories on July 4th and really impress the neighbours.


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  • We have found some of the most high tech and awesome BBQ tools to make your parties the geekiest in town.

    Image: Splendid Table

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  • Steampunk locomotive BBQ

    This steampunk locomotive barbecue is totally unique. It was built privately in the village of Deulino which is about 100 miles from Moscow, Russia. The Firebox is lined with heat resistant bricks and has three compartments.One is for frying steaks, one for kebabs and one for a rotisserie for large pieces of meat.

    The train was built by Yuri Fušteâ and Andrei Trubina. It burns charcoal, birch or oak wood and, according to the blog looks amazing in the dark with the fire burning and all the lights blazing on the train. You can even ring the bell to summon your guests when the meat is ready.

    You can be sure that this will be much more awesome than anything your neighbours will have in their yard.

    Image: BBQ Mag

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