No Windows XP, Office 2003 patches in May Patch Tuesday

No Windows XP, Office 2003 patches in May Patch Tuesday

Summary: The company will release eight bulletins, two of them critical, and five for Microsoft Windows. Windows XP is not scheduled to receive an update, nor is Office 2003 scheduled to receive either of the two Office updates.


Microsoft has released their advance notification for the May 2014 Patch Tuesday updates. There will be a total of eight updates issued next Tuesday, May 13, two of them rated critical.

This is the first Patch Tuesday since the end of support for Windows XP and Office 2003. Even though Microsoft provided an update one week ago for all Windows versions, including Windows XP, they do not plan to make any such accommodations this time.

Bulletin one, which will be released as MS14-022, is a remote code execution vulnerability for Microsoft Windows, specifically involving Internet Explorer. It is listed as critical for all client versions of Windows from Windows Vista through Windows 8.1 and moderate for all Windows Server versions. In such cases it is inevitable that the bug will be critical on Windows XP as well, but XP is not listed as among the products to be updated.

The other critical bulletin, Bulletin two (MS14-023), addresses at least one critical vulnerability in SharePoint Server 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Bulletins three and eight affect all supported versions of Microsoft Office: 2007, 2010 and 2013, both x86 and ARM, and are rated Important for all platforms. Office 2003, which also reached its end of support last month, is not listed as being scheduled to receive an update.

The other four bulletins and updates all affect Microsoft Windows and are rated Important. Based on the other products affected it would appear that Windows XP will be affected by bulletins four, five and six, but not seven.

As is usually the case, Microsoft will also release a new version of the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and a large collection of non-security updates to various Windows versions.

Dustin Childs, Group Manager for Microsoft Trustworthy Computing did not address the XP/Office 2003 issues in his blog announcing the advance notification.

Topics: Security, Microsoft, Windows

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  • Good.

    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • Not your call

      Everyone makes their own decisions on when and if they do that.
      • Re: Not your call....

        I second that. As much as an improvement Windows 8.1 Update 1 is its still not a proper operating system like XP.
        • Why not?

          You say Windows 8.x isn't a proper operating system like XP. It certainly seems to do everything an operating system should do and a lot of things XP can't do, unless you still need to run 16-bit programs.
          • You can

            You can run 16-bit on any 32-bit (x86) Windows.

          • A proper OS would mean a proper desktop with a start menu..

            But not only that the OS has to be working and be able to stay up to date. I have had numerous problems with W8x updates and no, this isn't on just one PC.. these are random machines from users who come to me with their PC problems only to tell them that the only way to fix it is to roll back to an earlier version of Windows 8 or go back to W7 or get Linux instead.

            Windows 8x isn't going to last very long with numerous problems and the fact that a good amount of users will be unprotected due to the update system being broken. Not to mention a good deal of users don't care what improvements are on 8x, or that they are restoring the start menu, in their mind they already seen W8x and don't like it for whatever reason by either it not functioning right or because the UI is clunky and bad. I'd prefer to go to Linux but i'm using W7. No issues here and i don't need to install anything to make it usable.
        • Windows 8.1 with Update 1 does the following

          - Manages the resources of your computer
          - Has a File system
          - Provides security and User account/password management
          - Manages the Interaction between software and hardware

          You just sound like a overnight IT wanna be who never learned a thing about computers except what you read at the Verge and Engadget.
      • People need to

        People shouldn't be using Windows XP period, end of story and they should upgrade. A new budget desktop PC with Windows 7 or 8 costs from $100-300, so there isn't really any reason to not buy a new PC now. Laptops are pretty cheap also because of tablets. Any $300 laptop will be superior to any early 2000s laptop running XP.
        Pollo Pazzo
        • People need to .............

          I don't remember giving you any authority to tell me what I must do and when! So, would you (or any other M$ troll) send me the money to upgrade my equipment and software? (OH and BTW make that x3, because M$ has removed the 3 license allowance that was in XP from all later versions of Windows) .... yea, thought not. So I shall continue using my perfectly good equipment running XP for as long as I want to, or can.

          BTW I just love how you M$ trolls go around and quote prices for "budget" desktops, etc. That might do you lot over there in the US of A but there are a lot of other countries besides you lot and in many of those countries (including Australia) a lot of price gouging goes on.

          I can say, however, without a shadow of a doubt, that Win XP will be the last version of M$ windows that I will ever own/run.
          • You need c: Drive to VM & Stealth VM Software

            Google that and enjoy running your xp virus free forever. It's portable too. By the good folks Robolinux.
          • XP Forever

            Agree. XP is the last OS I'll use from those traitors. Microsoft is nuts to drop XP, a great simple, no nonsense OS.
          • Traitors? How were you betrayed?

            "XP is the last OS I'll use from those traitors."

            Why do you think they should care? They already have your money and, given you have already indicated your desire to use it indefinitely, they were never going to get more from you again it's no loss for them.

            "Microsoft is nuts to drop XP, a great simple, no nonsense OS."

            So was Windows 2000. I assume there's a point here?
          • Windows XP

            Microsoft sells other products for money. Windows XP times 4 copies at 250.00 a piece in those days. Well they certainly got money from me. And I have to activate my borrowed software every time I install it. Plus XP made Microsoft tons of cash. And it saved them from the Vista fiasco. So that means they are traitors. Their motto: out with the old, in with the new. Must keep the money rolling in. Except they can't sell the new OSes at high prices.
          • I second that!

            I have PC customers who still want XP loaded and some want to revert back to XP from Win-8 & 8.1
            HEY!!! "Customers are always right."
          • You're free to use XP forever...

            Just don't expect updates from Microsoft. After all it is their product and they get to make the decision. 13 years of support is a pretty darn good deal when you think about it. That would be equivalent to Microsoft still supporting Windows 2.x in 2001 when XP came out. The world will continue to move forward. People have the choice to move with it or be left behind.
          • Windows XP

            Yeah but do us XP users have to be badgered and blackmailed about using the OS of our choice. Microsoft is going overboard in downing XP. I wonder why.
          • Badgered and blackmailed?

            I am guessing that is what you are calling Microsoft ending updates after the date in which they have said they would for at least the past seven years?

            And of course, that's after numerous extensions. Microsoft has been more than lenient with XP. In fact the case can be made that they were too lenient and that has resulted in such a large user base post end of support. MS should have stopped offering XP downgrades when Windows 7 came out.
        • Re: People need to....

          While I agree it would be best if everyone upgraded, the truth is not everyone can afford to do so.

          Please don't have such an attitude to others whom are not as "well off" as yourself. There are many people out there barely making it from one payday to the next, so extra cash to buy a PC is NOT something they can do.....

          And then you have all the Non profit groups, that can't always raise money for new PC's every few years....

          I'm not trying to say you're rich or anything, but people need to be less judgemental sometimes with broad statements.....

          • XP-era machines vs downgrades

            If you actually purchased your machine in the XP era, it will likely be nearing need of replacement soon if it hasn't already passed that point. 10-year old computers really don't cut it for anything more than basic web surfing today. If you have a machine that has been purchased since January 2007 and are running XP, then chances are the machine came with a license for a newer version and was downgraded. You should still have rights to the newer version if/when you want to install it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
        • "Those People" need to ...

          It is awesome to see someone who has been fortunate at life's lottery tell the rest of us how to live, die, and spend our money.
          Too Old For IT