Nobody likes Trujillo: Video

Nobody likes Trujillo: Video

Summary: We ask Australians (and one New Zealander) on the street what they think about Sol Trujillo leaving Telstra. The response? Most people didn't like him.

TOPICS: Telcos, Telstra

We ask Australians (and one New Zealander) on the street what they think about Sol Trujillo leaving Telstra. The response? Most people didn't like him.

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Telstra hasn't yet announced a new chief executive to replace Trujillo, saying only that an internal and external search has been kicked off.

However, has published several lists of the most and least likely candidates to succeed him, as well as our personal favourite picks, internal executive David Moffatt and former Vodafone executive Paul Donovan.

Topics: Telcos, Telstra

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  • Serious demonstration of what's coming.

    That was total and complete B.S. but was excellent as it reveals the progress of the Net as opposed to traditional reporting methods (snail mail news via newspapers).
  • Peoples comments

    The people interviewed then had no idea what they were commenting about!! i mean 1 guys was asked "do you like Sol", he replied "no" he was then asked "why" he said "I do not know i guess its because he is a CEO" i mean wtf!? anyone who claims to say that since Sol's addition to Telstra, Telstra hasn't lept forward in leaps and bounds should really have the head checked as they have shitfor brains. It might not be just Sol's doing but it was definetly his vision thats made Telstra the company it is today I only wish i knew the reasons behind why he's leaving and only hope that there isn't something projected within the near future that's made him want to leave and we users/sellers are going to weather storm??...
  • 500hp

    Your the weakest link Sol

    Good Bye

    Dont come back.
  • Good Riddance

    Didn't he run something like four U.S. telecommunications companies into the ground before he came here? How could that have possibly made him attractive to anyone who was responsible for putting him in charge of the largest telecommunications company in Australia? The next g service is a disgrace, anyone in a rural area would agree with that, but obviously with the exorbitant pricing, anybody who's a major share holder might differ in opinion as they were clearly his only real concern. Sort of leaves me wondering, given the previous considerations for a telstra C.E.O, what we will get next....? While we seem to be such fans of washed up American ex-C.E.Os, Perhaps the ex-C.E.O. of Leibermans? or maybe even Enron....?
  • Jason MC Comments

    What are you smoking Jason. Sol presided over an $8 a share company slashed it to $2 then rebuilt it to $ 4 so he could claim he was a hero. He now has me paying more for every Telstra Service not less , the service is sub standard and getting worse and 95% of Telstra staff think he and the 3 Amigos were the biggest act of terrorism introduced into Australia in the past 25 years and then to top it off played a stupid game of politics with the Federal Government that ensured Telstra was excluded from the National Broadband project.

    If you call this a winning CEO then I sure as heck do not want to be investing in ANYTHING you are associated with.

    Most Australians want to see an Australian in charge of its Telco not some washed up outsider who just wants a golden parachute from a country too dumb and too stupid to believe in itself and at the same time suffering from gross political incompetence and mismanagement.

  • Telstra is full of wankers anyway.

    Hmm the shareholders are up in arms - (sucked in you stupid greedy unthinking people) and then they find they have no "authority" to challenge the Telstra board for their excessive renumerations.


    The dinkum Aussie / Fair go for all / ANZAC hype and the Telstra are your friends" is all bullshit.

    I mean Telstra is the ONLY company in Australia that charges you for EXTRA email boxes per month.

    Scumbags - the lot of them.
  • Tricksters.

    Australians are awake to those who by defiling Telstra, seek to have a foreign company (Optus) gain ownership and control of Australia's communication network.

    Any Australian Government worth their salt wont allow this to happen.
  • Wake up Sydney

    Sydney - you would not have been out of place in the the Mcarthey era. In this era we don't give a sh*t about who owns it, if the company that is providing the service is providing a good one at a reasonable price. We have two options - 1) gettting ripped off by our local incumbent that has incredibly high costs which it has to pass on to its customer or 2) a foreign owned company that has not demonstrated a voracious appetite to rip off its customers a la the incumbent.

    As as consumer, all I care about is the quality of the service and how much I pay for it. If Optus get the NBN, we are not going to be flooded by a bunch of Singaporeans coming into the country to steal our jobs. If you went to the Optus campus, you'd find that most people were probably Australian (funny that considering its in North Ryde). You might actuallty find some Australian running the company as well!!

    Wake up and smell the coffee mate
  • Get out the Little Red Book.

    Anon, exactly the same arguement that was used to sell off all our manufacturing industry to foreigners.

    Problem is now as we don't own these businesses anymore and our foreign friends have control, Australians will see our masters increase the price of their products and laugh all the way to their bank.

    Any Government that would pay a foreign company $4.7 billion Australian taxpayer money to gain control of Australia's vital NBN deserves serious censure at the next election.

    Not only that but the fact will emerge that all except Telstra have no hope of finance for the project and once the taxpayer $4.7 billion is gone the snouts will be in the trough for more taxpayer money.

    Not only that the project has no chance of commercial success without Telstra involvement unless of course the Government is considering the confiscation of Telstra's (Australians) plant, equipment and customers.
  • Red Book

    We are already paying the second highest BB costs in the developed world (after Norway), so who needs enemies when you are being ripped off by your own (Australian) incumbent. Telstra's proposed pricing for the NBN has been on the table and it's outrageous. I would rather support a company that does not believe if fleecing its customers. Just because it is an Australian company does not mean that it acts in the interests of its customers. The economic downturn will undoubtedly have an effect on Telstra's profitability as its customers realise that it is has been robbing them blind for the last few years.
  • Telstra is full of wankers anyway.

    You are the one that sounds like a wanker and a scumbag.
  • They were full of them

    but you left due to a medical condition commonly known as RSI.
  • They were full of them

    Please explain ?
  • Reply to Good Riddance

    Hit the nail on the head as Sol has a chequred past of cowboy leadership where employess get shafted and he walks away with a golden parachute. The most amazingly abysmal choice was made by the Telstra Board and the agency who got a massive fee for finding him should be asahmed and no one should deal with them again. The idea that someone of his dubious past would be beneficial to Australian telecommunications beggars belief. Vaya con dios Sol
  • Reply

    Love or hate Sol. Love or hate Telstra.

    But what you are saying is the complete opposite to what Trujillo's peers and opponents have said.

    Like everything else, the Hackettpool crowd know better, I'm sure.