Nokia 808 PureView Symbian screenshot gallery

Nokia 808 PureView Symbian screenshot gallery

Summary: Symbian gets a bum rap, particularly in the US, but the latest Belle Feature Pack 1 really is quite functional and modern.

TOPICS: Mobility, Nokia

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  • Home screen widgets and shortcuts

    The Homescreen on Belle FP1 is similar to Android, including a pull down shade function.

  • Email widgets are functional

    You get quick and easy access to your email, including a small icon that appears in the upper right corner when new email arrives.

  • Customization in Symbian

    Symbian does a great job of supporting customization and as you can see in this screenshot I have setup one screen of folders for all my apps.

Topics: Mobility, Nokia

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  • Gravity

    I agree with you about Gravity. I miss it since I switched to Android. I also miss the radio on Symbian, you told it where you were, and it downloaded the radio station frequencies for the area. Never was sure why it didn't just use the cell location though! Great maps as well!

    The one thing I don't miss about Nokia is the web browser, which on the N95 & N97 Mini struggled when the page was > 1MB. Hopefully they've fixed that. The phones also tended to be a bit underpowered.