Nokia all but confirms the next Lumia will be the 41-megapixel EOS

Nokia all but confirms the next Lumia will be the 41-megapixel EOS

Summary: Nokia reckons there are 41 million reasons people should watch its launch event next month.

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware, Nokia
Image: Nokia

Nokia has pretty much confirmed that an event scheduled for next month will see the release of a rumoured 41-megapixel Lumia.

Last week, Nokia asked journalists to a launch event in New York, with an invite entitled 'Zoom. Reinvented', leading to speculation the event would see the Finnish phone maker unveil new imaging-focused devices.

The chief contender was thought to be a Lumia device carrying the 41-megapixel sensor developed for the 808 PureView, Nokia's last Symbian device.

The rumoured device, known unofficially as the EOS, does now appear to be the star of the July launch: a post on the Nokia Conversations blog giving details for a webcast of the event is entitled '41 million reasons'.

The specs of the device and its official name remain under wraps for now. However, the photo-friendly Lumia is likely to run the next iteration of Windows Phone 8, known as GDR2 or Windows Phone Blue.

Nokia's most recent Lumia to launch, the 925, also played heavily on its imaging capabilities. The device went on sale in the UK earlier this month.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware, Nokia

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  • Can't wait to get my hands on EOS

    SLR quality photos, manual shutter on a mobile device, this will change a lot of things.
  • Decent concept, but ...

    sales volumes will be so low as to not be a blip on Nokia's already low bottom line.
  • wasted pixels

    without android to back it up!
    LlNUX Geek
    • Okay, I'll bite

      What would make Android a better choice in terms of picture quality than Windows Phone?
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Nothing new...

    The pureview 808 is on the market for already roughly two years - and couldn`t save Nokia.
    Nor could the Lumia 920.
    I just can`t see how ever a combination of these two devices could change anything.
    • Nokia 808

      was tied to an OS that they had abandoned.

      The 920 has been selling decently enough...

      But, yes, they need to get this selling ASAP, a great camera on a "not abandoned" OS might sell really well.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Nokia all but confirms the next Lumia will be the 41-megapixel EOS

    Lets see what carriers they release this on. Probably not Verizon. With the 41mp camera this is going to be a great phone.
  • GDR2 is not Windows Phone Blue

    From your link:

    "Microsoft's supposed plan, according to my tipsters, is to release three GDR updates to the Windows Phone 8 operating system before delivering what we've been calling Windows Phone Blue."
    Max Daru
  • Im sure it will be a great phone but it wont sell well

    Im sure it will be a great phone but it wont sell well. Nokia are a massive company that need volume. They need android. The phone on Android with good promotion could easily sell the same number of units as the new SGS4.

    Nokia make some of the most desirable handsets on the least desirable OS. They have 3 options.
    Sell to MS at a cheap price.
    Get 2 or 3 Android phones (and pref a Backberry aswell) out before the End of October.
    Go bust.

    If I was the board I would sack Elop now and pump all our R&D into Android. Win Phone may take off in 4 or 5 years but Nokia as we know it will be long gone by then!
    • That's funny

      You think Nokia making Android phones is a feasible strategy.
      Michael Alan Goff