Nokia and Motorola live events today: Rushing to beat the iPhone

Nokia and Motorola live events today: Rushing to beat the iPhone

Summary: Both Nokia and Motorola promise great things in their respective press events being held today. We will probably hear about Windows Phone and Intel phones today. Follow them live.

Motorola at Gotham hall

The anticipated iPhone event is happening next week, and competitors are rushing to get their own products announced first. Nokia and Motorola Mobility are holding separate press events today and you can follow them both live.

Up first is Nokia with its event starting at 9:30am ET. The Finnish company will be sharing the stage with Microsoft so we should hear about the first Windows Phones from Nokia with new hardware.

The only hint Nokia has offered is this video about change:

The new Nokia hardware may include wireless charging according to CNET.

Follow the Nokia/ Microsoft event at CNET as details unfold.

Nokia live coverage by CNET (9:30am ET, 6:30AM PT)

Later today Motorola takes the stage at Gotham Hall in New York City at 2pm ET. The company is keeping a tight lip about what will be announced, but you can watch the action live.

Don't be surprised if Google makes an appearance since it now owns Motorola Mobility. Intel may show up, too.

Motorola On Display event in NYC live stream (2pm ET, 11am PT)

Check out what both companies will have to compete with the next iPhone expected to be unveiled next week.

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  • You article makes it sound like....

    Nokia and Motorola heard the iPhone announcement date, and hurriedly put together press conferences. :-) I know that's not really what you meant though. It just sounded that way.

    I'm not sure about Motorola, but Nokia's is more likely timed with Microsoft (along with other Win8 and WP8 OEMs) to begin the avalanche of announcements and releases from now until the launch of Windows 8 in October.

    Although, I'm sure beating iPhone out the door was an added bonus, if not an up-front objective.
    • Pummeling Microsoft & Nokia

      Beating Apple to their announcements only to be beaten and pummeled by Apple later you mean?
    • Wrong Target

      Samsung have the edge and is the new King to beat. The iPhone is the smartphone for dummies.
  • Nokia Tablet?

    I've heard that a new tablet will be on show. Nokia have the technology and the OS. We will find out soon!
    • A Nokia Windows-RT tablet is an interesting idea.

      But does Nokia have the capacity to build it themselves? If not, their chances of profitability in the sector are slim.

      My guess is that Samsung has the edge with the MS Surface RT tablet.
      M Wagner
  • Nokia too little, too late

    For those that want a Windows 8 experience....

    ..Nokia, it's kind too late already, Samsung too the wind from your sales with the Ativ range last week, which neatly fits into their tablet and Laptop Windows 8 range.

    Nokia don't really have much of a tab strategy, never mind the rest.
    • I would say just in time

      Samsung did nothing to take the wind out of Nokia's sails. Theirs is just a another warmed over Android with WP8 thrown in. Nokia beats Samsung by a mile in support and design.
      • Shamsteal will pummel Nokia

        If Windows Phone 8 has any success it will be with Samsung, not Nokia. Nokia is a Dead Company Walking having sold their soul to Redmond instead of developing something themselves. Competing with Samsung will not be kind to Nokia. IMHO.
    • NOK off 13 percent on the show

      Looks like Wall street was looking for something different.

    S N O R E .....

    B O R I N G


    • Agree...

      And the fruit company should stop acting like a kid, and try to work with adults instead.
      • And stop copying...

        And like adults other manufacturers should develop their own designs and stop slavishly copying Apple like children. I wanna see Samsung honestly innovate as Microsoft did with their own distinct phone and stop cutting in line with their blatant and obvious copying. They only serve as a very bad example of Asian technology and a partner not to be trusted. Same with Google.
    • Why?

      Why would you want there to be less competition?
      Michael Alan Goff
    • Not yet

      Don't count Nokia out yet. They still have eggs in Microsofts basket, and Microsoft seems pretty serious about what they are doing. Definately not half hearted. Nokia could still make it.
      • Seriously

        Being serious doesn't translate into sales. EVERYONE is dead serious. Serious won't make you the world leader, excellence can and usually does.
  • Nokia and Motorola live events today: Rushing to beat the iPhone

    I don't see Nokia as rushing to beat the iPhone. They stated clearly that they were going to hold a press release today. Not that the iPhone announcement matters much anyway, its all hype up to the day then the hype dies within 3 days after that unless you are iBGR then you can't let it go.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • Nokia Video

    I enjoyed the Nokia video. Pretty girl on a bicycle riding animatedly along the docks. Hands describing important things. She is so happy and fun. I just want to get a bicycle too!
    • Nokia Schwinn?

      So is Nokia selling bicycles or phones?
  • A non-news announcement

    Generating a news announcement that says... nothing!

    Not very exciting.


  • Who is rushing?

    This event is perfectly in line with the long-known Windows Phone 8 release dates for Fall, 2012. James is apparently contractually required to put negative spin on any story involving Microsoft.