Nokia announces 5 inch Lumia Icon for Verizon Wireless

Nokia announces 5 inch Lumia Icon for Verizon Wireless

Summary: Nokia just announced the Windows Phone I wanted to see when the 1520 was announced. The 5 inch display and high quality construction make the Lumia Icon a smartphone to consider.

Nokia announces 5 inch Lumia Icon for Verizon Wireless
(Image: Nokia)

It was really no surprise that Nokia would be bringing a high end Lumia to Verizon to replace the Lumia 928 and today we see the official announcement of the Nokia Lumia Icon. Unlike the larger 6 inch display Nokia Lumia 1520 that disappointed me on AT&T, Nokia scaled this one down with a five inch display constructed using aluminum and ceramic materials.

I found the Lumia 1520 too large to be very useful in day-to-day usage, had a poor side button design, and then AT&T took out the Qi wireless charging capability. The Nokia Lumia Icon looks to avoid these issues with a smaller display, high quality construction, and Qi charging integration.

CNET has a full review of the Nokia Lumia Icon.

Specifications for the Nokia Lumia Icon include:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core 2.2 GHz processor
  • 5 inch 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution ClearBlack Gorilla Glass 3 display (441 ppi)
  • 2GB RAM and 32GB integrated storage
  • 20 megapixel PureView camera with Carl Zeiss optics and OIS
  • 4 microphones for advanced recording and audio functionality
  • Bluetooth 4.0 and 801.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi
  • 2420 mAh battery
  • Qi charging support
  • Dimensions of 137 x 71 x 9.8 mm and 167 grams

As you can see this is an attractive phone and I am seriously considering adding a Verizon line again to pick one of these up. I love the Lumia 925 design, but the Lumia Icon may top that and I can't wait to get my hands on one.

The Nokia Lumia Icon will be available on Thursday, 20 February, for $199.99 with a two year contract. You can pre-order it at Microsoft and get a free charging accessory too.

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  • Another launch SNAFU by Microsoft

    Pre-order Only available at Microsoft Store.
    Must pre-order in person, not online.
    They have no idea what the off-contract price will be.
    $25 deposit is non-refundable.

    So I get to give them $25 to tell me the price later and not get my $25 back, and they're offering a subsidized price on something of which they don't know the full price? How does that compute??

    Local Verizon store reps "know nothing about the device or its availability"

    Just an all around ****-up. As expected with Verizon + Windows Phone. Microsoft is trying to end-around these damn carriers but needs to be a little bit more complete and sensible in the approach. My money is here waiting, they could have had it today.
    • This is likely a Verizon stipulation

      as when it launched on AT&T, they had a preorder right on the MS website.

      I guess Verizon wanted to make it difficult to preorder, get people in their stores instead.
    • Off Contract

      @ $ 550.00 usd
      • That's pretty good

        The 1520 is over $800 over here in Germany off contract. It compares well to the 925 off contract as well.
  • amma...?

    Rreally the 1st to comment? Luv U to death Nokia so sad U will be leavin the mobile space... Hw bout MS actuaLly put wallpaper customisation in their crap OS so that I can pick up a lumia b4 Nokia's exit. Till then I will still be rockin' my 808... 41MP!!!
    • Good Things To Come (WP8.1)

      1.Navigation bar customization.
      2.New Camera UI with Photo, Video and Burst mode options.
      3.New Hub control for developers.
      4.Battery Power Sense app in App list.
      5.Default messaging app selection.
      6.VPN support.
      7.New USB settings.
      8.WebGL support in IE.
      9.New full screen media player for online content.
      10.Swipe-down for closing the apps.
      11.New in-line media player in IE.
      12.New UA in IE.
      13.Storage Sense (Ability to control where you want to store apps/media)
      14.Ability to dismiss/hide on-screen navigation buttons.
      15.Multiple Volume Controls
      16.Screen Projection
      17.Improved Calendar
      18.Battery Power Sense
      19.Lock Screen
      21.SMS Backup and Restore
      22.IE11 with no tabs
      23.Music app with volume control
      24.Sharing Contacts
      25.Downloading MP3 with offer to save and open
      26.Photo Chooser
      27.Ability to change your Advertising ID
      28.Photo Tile Settings
      29.Ringtone Settings
      30.About Page
      32.Language and Region Settings, including speech
      33.NFC Payments
      34.Location Service icon and Geofencing toggle
      35.Virtual Navigation Bar
      36.Virtual Navigation Bar settings
      37.Multiple screens with virtual navigation bar

      sure you wanna miss out on all of the fun?
      • actually...

        This is tempting
  • Leaving mobile space?

    Really? MS leaving mobile space?

    Tell me, Arcane Ace, what do you mean by wallpaper customisation and why is it so significant?

    BTW, if you mean the lock-screen, it is customisable.

    For how long did you use a WP8?
  • Leaving mobile space? (2)

    ArcaneAce, I just saw your response to this question in the other thread about customisation. Thanks.

    I also understand you are not keen on the (adjustable) tile layout of the Start screen. Well, that is a personal matter. As it happens, I like the ability to change the theme throughout the phone.

    Am still wondering: For how long did you properly use a WP8?
    • to be honest

      I only used it for a weekend and returned it when I discovered how limited it was concerning customisation... Went for a two year old symbian instead. Nokia 808. Also its significant bcos humans are naturally narcissistic and would luv to make their property reflect their personality, taking away such on smartphone OS when it has been a stable part of OS's since 4ever is too damn myopic. I mean even Apple with all its rigidity provides 4 it.
  • Nokia announces 5 inch Lumia Icon for Verizon Wireless

    Holy sweet specs batman! If I had the extra money I'd preorder one of these in a heartbeat. Unfortunately I'm on contract til the end of the year so I can pick one up at that time provided a newer model hasn't come out.
  • Leaving mobile space? (3)

    ArcaneAce, so you returned the WP8 on grounds of insufficient customisation. Interesting. I guess you just use the phone as some sort of a toy, rather than a communications device.

    The fact that the WP8 is an excellent, well-thought-out comms device clearly cuts no ice with you.
    • the prob

      With WP8 is that it is little more than a communications. Device... And believe me smartphones in this generation are supposed to be a lot more.
      • Other than in number of apps, what's this Icon device missing?

        In fact, I believe it comes with hardware specs that are superior to any Android smartphone or any iPhone; and the OS much better than Android or iOS.

        Perhaps you expected the Icon to do your household chores too?
        • More than comms

          My phone tells me when a bus is due to arrive at a London bus stop. It has maps and excellent satnav (inasmuch as any satnav is 'excellent') (admittedly these are a Nokia, not MS Windows feature).
          It can time and count down. It can provide me with and endless number of (internet) radio stations. It can convert currencies. It has lists of airline and airport codes. It can search the internet...

          ArcaneAce, it matters not a jot to me what OS and device you prefer. It is a personal matter. But I think you might like to make your remarks/criticisms a little more considered, or just admit that you took against WP8 because you were going to, whatever.

          Let me give you a little parallel. Last year I needed to buy a new laptop for the family. I had read all the anti-Windows 8 stuff in these forums and was suitably loaded up with baggage. In the store I played a little with one of the W8 demo models and decided there and then that Win 8 was not for me.

          A salesman came up and offered to show me round, and my opinion began to change. In short, I decided to buy a Win 8 machine and we have not looked back. Our other two computers are Vista and Win 7.

          I just needed to understand the unfamiliar interface a bit better.
          • believe me...

            I think WP8 has the potential to be a great OS some day and even now I think it surpasses IOS and android in some regards. I mean d screen of the L520 beats a lot of more expensive android handsets(lookin at you Sony) but the truth is the OS is still too limited... I mean come on tell me one standout feature that WP8 has that android and IOS don't. They really need to make WP8 more userfriendly... I personally have no ill will towards WP I just feel MS massively dropped the ball with the OS limitations
          • I cheated, and got the following list from elsewhere...

            1. Kid's Corner
            2. Groups and Rooms
            3. Integrated Xbox Live services
            4. Bing services (Vision, Music, and Local Scout)
            5. Built-in basic Office Suite
            6. Apps can utilize the speech function
          • There are a few more things if you read from the discussion I got the

            above list from:

  • "All" WP phones are expensive at launch

    It's a common thing for their price to fall sharply after a couple of months, yes it happens with others, but high end Nokia phones are a very tough sell.
    I would wait for a good deal...
  • This doesn't sound like a good phone!

    This phone doesn't sound like a good phone for the money you pay for it. I have had Solavei wireless service for about a year now and I dropped AT & T because of the contracts.