Nokia confirms new hero device, the Lumia 928, with a teaser

Nokia confirms new hero device, the Lumia 928, with a teaser

Summary: Nokia is gearing up for the launch of its new flagship Lumia 928.


Not so long ago, Nokia said a new 'hero' device was lined up for a second-quarter release in the US. Today, it confirmed the launch of the rumoured Lumia 928.

Nokia has unveiled a new teaser site for the Lumia 928, offering the first official images of its new flagship handset. As expected, the device is putting imaging capabilities front and centre. The device isn't named in the teaser site itself, but the URL ( confirms the 928 branding.

2013-05-07 11.26.53 am
Nokia's new flagship, the Lumia 928. Image: Nokia

First spotted by Engadget, the teaser gives little away about features, but follows a recent full-page ad in Vanity Fair promoting the Lumia 928 on Verizon with Nokia's PureView and optical image stabilisation technology and a Carl Zeiss lens. The ad emphasises its ability to capture images in low light conditions.

Details in the ad were consistent with images leaked last month of a white Lumia with sharper edges than the current 920. The 928 is reportedly lighter and thinner than the 920 and will sport a 4.5 inch OLED display instead of LCD.  

Nokia chief Stephen Elop said in April that the company, along with Microsoft, would be ploughing more dollars into worldwide Lumia promotions and that a new Lumia device was "anticipated to have hero status with a leading US operator" in the next quarter. Nokia's also looking at larger form factors, Elop said.

Nokia has not provided a release date for the Lumia 928, but says to "stay tuned for updates about the newest Nokia Lumia".

The device is set be launched in May on Verizon, according to Bloomberg report in April. A May timeline would also fit with an event Nokia is staging in London in mid-May, which promises more details on the next Lumia device.

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  • Its not about the devices

    I think by now the whole Windows phone debacle should not be about phones. Its not about phones. Its about Microsoft being late to almost every tech market with a decent and competitive product and then wondering why nobody pays any attention to them? Even Bill Gates seems unaware of this fact. Nokia used to be one of the premier cell phone makers. But then they made a pact with Microsoft. We have seen how quickly tech companies can fall. In my opinion I think Microsoft is doing rather well considering all their failures. Nokia I am not so sure about?
    • MS has been late to

      most markets and in the end takes the lead. XBox, Office, etc...
    • MSFT is at their best when they are behind

      Just imagine how frustrating it is for these ABMers.
    • Hold up!

      "Nokia used to be one of the premier cell phone makers. But then they made a pact with Microsoft"

      I think you have this wrong. Nokia was in the gutter with their ancient Symbian OS and was looking forward almost certain death in the market when they entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft. I don't think Microsoft adds much to the Nokia platform but for the moment both companies are in a similar situation and it makes sense to work together. Too bad their solution is to ramp up marketing instead of providing products that people actually like.
      • Lumia 920 is

        best smartphone of the year. Windows Phone 8 has higher satisfaction rating than iOS or Android. I think people like it.
        • You must mean

          Microsoft employees like it, as I have yet to see a single WP phone in the wild.
          Troll Hunter J
          • I have one

            A Lumia 920 with AT&T. It's easily the best smartphone I've owned, albeit a bit heavy. My wife has a Samsung Galaxy S3 and I like it, as well, but it's interesting that she disables many of the "value added" features due to issues such as battery life, annoyance, etc. I'm a tech junkie, so I appreciate what the S3 can do. She is definitely a laggard, so the S3 in her hands is a considerable waste of capability. Nevertheless, it's a lesson for product developers that "gee whiz" features aren't for everyone.
          • nope others...

            Sorry that would be users and in a vote done by Engadget.
            I'd have to say MS still lags slightly behind in some apps, but not many.
    • Tell Me

      Problem with your argument is that most Microsoft products came in late and ended up taking the lead.
    • Nokia Lumia 920

      I used iOS and Android devices. Windows Phone 8 blows them all away. It is a great OS. It is fast, slick, and information is always available. Microsoft is really starting to get things right. And honestly, until Ice Cream Sandwich and revisions beyond that, Android wasn't even worth looking at.
  • what hero?

    a hero runs Linux or Android not windoze.
    LlNUX Geek
  • It needs to be much lighter than L920

    If the other major OEMs can put out phones with 5 inch screens at around 130g, that's what Nokia need to do here. The 920's heft is a deal breaker for those of us that have pockets not handbags.
    • Did you miss it

      The line in the article that stated...
      "The 928 is reportedly lighter and thinner than the 920 and will sport a 4.5 inch OLED display instead of LCD. "
      • The Lumia phones

        Were all supposed to have OLED screens, not that is was/is better. Just like WP 7 (7.1, 7.1 w/mango updates, 7.5, 7.5 w/mango updates, Nokia's special version 7.6, and the latest flavor 7.8), and WP8,not better, just different.
        Troll Hunter J
  • Nokia confirms new hero device, the Lumia 928, with a teaser

    This is going to be a great device. I might have to trade in my current phone and upgrade to this one. Nokia phones are simply the best.
    • OMG you are not being negative.. for once

      Windows Phones suck... hardly anyone I know uses them, they are either using iOS or Android Linux Phones, for once you are the minority. Now how does it make you feel small man.
      • Tried one or insecure?

        The reason more users who use WP8 like it more than users of Android or IOS - is that is better. No one is forcing them to like it.

        The only reason for you to post your response is because you feel insecure, as if IOS or Android will fix your tech insecurity. Sorry but I'm the lead of my department and am using a Wp8 phone. Others have IOS and Android, and they try to do the same thing and its kinda funny. They don't understand utility and function - only fad. Personally I don't want the 928, I want the coming EOS phone.
      • I need a translator

        Because I have no idea what the heck this guy is talking about.
  • Unlucky Choice Of Number

    The Porsche 928 was never as popular as the 911.