Nokia cuts R&D staff in China

Nokia cuts R&D staff in China

Summary: Finnish phonemaker's downsizing in country moves beyond sales as it lays off staff from a research center in Beijing, while cost-cutting efforts claim another mobile OS project.


Beleaguered phonemaker Nokia is now trimming its research and development (R&D) team in China, after letting go many of its sales team there in recent times.

According to a report by Shanghai's First Financial Daily on Thursday, the Finnish company has laid off workers at a research center in Beijing as part of its plans to lay off 10,000 employees globally by end-2013. No exact numbers were disclosed, though.

The affected research center is one of the company's 13 global research institutions, and the job cuts targeted employees working in its advanced technology R&D department, though not those working on Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, according to an unnamed Nokia executive in the report.

The phonemaker had earlier revealed it will squeeze its four sales regions in China into two, namely North and South sales regions, after sales in the country dipped 18 percent to US$6.7 billion in 2011.

Cost-cutting cans OS refresh
In a separate Reuters report on Thursday, unnamed sources said the phone manufactuer scrapped a software project it hoped would rival Google's Android operating system in the mass market space. 

Codenamed Meltemi, the Linux-based software platform was being created to replace its aging Series 40 software in more advanced feature phones but it was halted as part of the company's cost-cutting drive, it added. 

The company declined to comment, Reuters said. 

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  • They should fire Elop

    And the Sue Microsoft for destroying the value of the Nokia Brand. It's impossible to tread water, long term, with a boat anchor around you neck.
    Jumpin Jack Flash
  • Heads for sale. Cheap.

    OK, so here's the plan: we hire these Chinese guys, and we fill their noggins with all of our best, secret, advanced R&D ideas. And then we send them off to work for other companies!

    "Brilliant, Steve!"
    Robert Hahn
  • but all the Nokia Designers

    Are in China. Finland only contains the marketing department. The software department is in India at Microsoft's India code center. The phones are designed in China, and made by Foxconn, in India. Those "slave camps" in China look like palaces, compared to the sweatshop in India.
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    • You seem to be *VERY* confused about where Nokia does what business.

      Your really need to look more-deeply into this before you write publicly-visible comments.
      • You have an "Issue" with facts?

        All Nokia phones are mad by Foxconn, in the sweatshop factory in India. their phones are designed in China. Those are facts. you deluded fantasy is just that, a deluded fantasy!
        Jumpin Jack Flash
        • Jack, Jack, Jack...

          The phones are mostly built by Foxconn *IN CHINA* with some from Chennai.

          The phones are substantially designed in Finland (and San Diego, USA!); Recently, Nokia has dumped much of the staff at their Beijing R&D center.

          And resorting to personal attacks simply proves you have no better arguments to offer.