Nokia evolution: From beast to beauty (photos)

Nokia evolution: From beast to beauty (photos)

Summary: Nokia phones have come a long way since the brand launched its first mobile phone in 1982. From in-car clumsiness to design delightfulness we take a look at how the brand has evolved.


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  • Nokia 2160

    The Nokia 2xxx series were also considered to be entry level phones. The 2160, launched in 1996 was Digital Core Technology (DCT) 1, internal Nokia technology. 

    Image: Nokia Museum

  • Nokia 282

    This Clamshell Nokia 282 was launched in 1998 and was one of the first devices to use this form factor.

    Image: Nokia Museum

  • Nokia 9290 Communicator

    The 9290 Communicator had a clamshell design which flipped open to reveal a  QWERTY keyboard and an LCD display that took up most of the device form factor. Launched in 2002.

    Image: Geeks


Topics: Hardware, The Microsoft-Nokia Deal

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  • Talkman...

    Talkman... really? How much did they pay Sony for the right to call it that?
  • nokia 1000

    is this one out of place?
    colour screen and icons more at home in a post year 2000 world
    seems a tad anachronistic some how?
    • YEP !!! It's wrong picture

      Nokia 1000 doesn't look like that. I had one before.
    • Nokia 1000 seem pretty advance

      I wonder how much it will cost back in 1992
  • There was nothing wrong with Symbian

    I am still using my Nokia 6310i (2002) and my N-8 (2010). Nokia used to make good phones. My 11 year old Nokia, on 24/7 has never had a problem in 11 years. It is a shame what happened to Nokia, death of another icon; and it is because of bad management and lack to strategy. Add Nokia to the list of Kodak, Xerox, Polaroid, DEC, Wang, and the like.
    • Yep it's nothing wrong with it.

      Symbian is not dead, Nokia is.
  • Wish I had an old one that still worked

    Since I have a company Blackberry, my personal cellphone is a "dumbphone", but it is dumb beyond belief - a one-year-old LG A340 of amazingly bad quality. It's on the cheap side of the AT&T family plan I share with my wife. But the LG A340 is so much worse than every Nokia (including two shown here) and Motorola phone we had before my wife got her first iPhone !! AT&T forced me to give up my Motorola Razr V3 and offered only this lousy LG A340 or something even worse from a maker no one has ever heard of. Ah, I wish I could still use one of our old Nokias; they even look nice.
  • Didn't mention customization Revolution?

    It was Nokia, if I remember correctly that ignited the cell phone customization revolution with the 2 series phones and interchangeable faceplates. I specifically remember having a red and a chrome face plate on my Nokia phone in the 90's.
  • 2 brilliant camphones missed from list.

    You missed 2 of the most brilliant camera phones on the market. First up is the N8. And second is the fore runner of the 1020, and many say the better of the two and that's the 808 Pureview. It has bigger sensor among others.
  • Remember the Times

    I remember having some of these, not sure if they still have what it takes to compete, but I guess Microsoft believes they do.
    • To compete

      all you have to do is look at the last slide. The 1020 packs everything a smartphone user needs plus an incredible camera for the photographer in you. Considering most people use their cameras for pic and vid this would be a good fit for a number of people.
  • Love it

    My first Cell was a 2160. I remember sporting that bad boy in high-school. The girls loved it so I'd usually walk around with a one in each arm as they took turns holding it next to my ear.
  • 2110i, 6310i

    Should have included 2110i (first non-brick phone) and 6310i (first auto-switching triband, working in world and US's GSM), but maybe they were not sold in the USA...