Nokia expected to show off new camera technologies in July

Nokia expected to show off new camera technologies in July

Summary: Nokia is holding a July 11 event in New York City, which might be the launch party for its Lumia EOS phone with a 41-megapixel camera.


Nokia is planning a five-hour event to show off undisclosed new phones and technologies in mid-July in New York City.


On July 11, the company is holding a five-hour event for press, analysts and other invited guests, according to the invitation mailed out today, June 13.

The invitation doesn't include any product details beyond a mention of "Zoom. Reinvented." Many Microsoft watchers are figuring that this event could be the launch of the Nokia Lumia EOS phone, which is expected to include a 41-megapixel PureView camera technology.

The EOS phone is expected to come preloaded with the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 operating system& with Lumia-specific updates, codenamed "Amber."

Given the July 11 event is five hours long, I wonder if Nokia also will use the day as a launch pad for the T-Mobile version of the Lumia 925 — its newer, lighter/less bulky aluminum-body phone which went on sale this week in the UK.

In other related news, Nokia may be ceasing shipments of its Symbian phones this summer, according to The Financial Times.

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  • Once upon a time...

    ... there was a farmer, with a farm once as big as the eye could see. Everyone that visited the farm couldn't ignore to see that the corn dried in the cobs, the beans eaten by birds and the land so bare not even the weeds thrived.

    And everybody asked the farmer:

    - "Look at your fields so vast and bare they beg to have seeds planted on them!"

    But the farmer proudly trumped:

    "Nah, you see that pond under the trees near the overgrown orchard? I am the best fisherman that pond has ever had!"

    Moral of the story: Nokia, photography is not your pond.
    Luis de la Orden Morais
    • Well....

      It's kind of a sad thing, but the smartphone is essentially the Instamatic of the 21rst Century. There are plenty of people using these as their only camera. Apple's been running an ad campaign about how the iPhone is the most popular camera "in the world" (really, I think they analyzed data on Flicker or some-such and extrapolated).

      Nokia has traditionally made some good hardware, but they have yet to do very well in the US market. Their Windows Phone franchise has done better here than SymbianOS, but that's not saying much. No real photographer is likely to pay much attention to their cellphone camera, but perhaps there are some dedicated cellphone shooters who will be attracted by this.

      For the point and shoot crowd, zoom is the big thing you give up in a cellphone camera. Any old $100 P&S camera has a 3:1 or better zoom; for $250 you get 10:1 or better. But putting a real optical zoom into a cellphone doesn't get you a smartphone, it gets you a CAMERAphone. It's going to be just as big and thick as a normal P&S camera.

      Nokia's trick of using a very oversized sensor is not a bad one for this specific problem. This lets you have a decent digital zoom range on a 5mpixel image, and it allows for wide angle pixel bucketing in low light, reducing noise versus a typical smart phone camera's tiny pixels. The only real question I'd have is whether they can really get this thin enough to be acceptable to modern smartphone users. And will such users really jump to Windows Phone just to get this?

      Oh, and "EOS"... really? They really think they're comparable to a Canon DSLR? Not even close.
      • How many people use a DSLR? How many people use smartphon cameras?

        The one with the best smartphone camera ends up taking better photographs. The ones with the DSLR cameras might take better pictures, but, that's not what most people have in their hands on a daily basis.
  • I hope they give App Devs access to the full 41 megapixels

    I can't wait to get my hands on this. This will definitely be my next phone assuming it comes to the US and works with T-Mobile.
    • The 808

      works on T mobile now and it has some features the eos does not. Removable battery and micro sd card.
    • Re: I hope they give App Devs access to the full 41 megapixels

      Unfortunately, not a chance. Windows only allows 24 drive letters, which is not enough.
      • Huh?

        What do drive letters have to do with the camera resolution?
        Michael Alan Goff
  • Nokia?

    Are they still around? Seriously, their phones have been pieces of junk as of late.

    Now, why on earth would they make a 41 Megapixel camera? How much memory will this have to have to even take a few pictures?
    • Hi

      "Now, why on earth would they make a 41 Megapixel camera?"

      "Zoom. Reinvented."

      How hard is that?
    • Wrong. The 92x series phones are better than anything from Samsung or Apple

      Not even close.
      Johnny Vegas
    • Nokia used to be great phones

      Until windoze got a hold of it.
    • @cmwade1977

      You have no idea of why the camera has 41 megapixels, do you?

      Go google yourself on what Nokia did.
  • so can I take

    Full resolution pictures on it? Zooming with a phones camera is shaky, so I always prefer to be zoomed all the way out and then crop.

    Also, 41 megapixel photos sound awesome. Would love taking 41 megapixel stills of my kids.
    • @sdavidson118

      You can go up to 34 or 38 MP max. But still, it will suit your needs.
  • "Nokia expected to show off new camera technologies in July"

    • And...

      It's not for the brainless, so, it wouldn't concern you.
  • I don't really see what's confusing.

    This is simply a press release.
    Sam Wagner
  • Long time for a event.

    With a 5 hour event Nokia must show someting more than just Nokia EOS. The London event for Nokia Lumia 929 and 925 was about 1 hour long.

    So maybe a Nokia Phablet or tablet will be released to. About the note that Nokia stop with Symbian, it will be replaced with Asha OS:

    Maybe we will see some progress there to.