Nokia hints at adding another OS

Nokia hints at adding another OS

Summary: Chief executive Stephen Elop's remarks during an earnings call suggest the handset maker may embrace Android or Windows Phone 7, after reporting mixed quarterly results

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Nokia has suggested that it may consider using another mobile operating system to make itself more competitive, as it reported mixed fourth-quarter results and a weak first-quarter outlook.

Nokia's market share was 32 percent in mobile devices in 2010, down from 34 percent in 2009. Nokia's fourth-quarter sales were €12.7bn (£11bn), up six percent from a year ago. Fourth-quarter profit was €745m, down from €948m a year ago. The company also projected first-quarter profit margins of between seven and 10 percent, down from 11 percent in 2009.

In a conference call, Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop hinted that Android or Windows Phone 7 may be in the company's future. Via Reuters, Elop said "we must build, catalyse or join a competitive ecosystem". Naturally, those comments led to the idea that Nokia might launch an Android phone and enter the US market.

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Topic: Tech Industry

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  • Actually all the speculation has been that Nokia would ad Windows Phone 7, not Android, but I am sure you could not stomach that.

    Remember, Nokia adopting Android would be like them peeing their pants?