Nokia inks largest ever deal for Lumia in the enterprise with 30,000 Windows Phone win

Nokia inks largest ever deal for Lumia in the enterprise with 30,000 Windows Phone win

Summary: A deal with a Spanish financial services company looks to be Nokia's largest enterprise win to date with Windows Phone.

TOPICS: Mobility, Nokia, EU

Nokia has landed its largest enterprise smartphone deal since switching to Windows Phone.

The company announced on Tuesday that Spanish financial services group CaixaBank has signed a deal for 30,000 Lumia handsets.

Details on the agreement itself are limited. While Nokia says that the deal will involve the Lumia 925 — its general purpose flagship phone for last year — for the initial phase of the deal and that CaixaBank can upgrade to newer models if it fancies, it hasn't revealed how many of the 30,000 will be 925s and over what period the rollout will happen.

According to Nokia's Iberia GM Reyes Justribó, Microsoft and Nokia came up with a "customised solution for CaixaBank covering all their requirements and allowing us to manage it for the future in a coordinated way". What precisely that customised solution involves is unknown, as none of the companies involved will provide any more details. 

The deal is Nokia's largest publicly announced win in the enterprise for its Lumia devices by a significant margin. Last year, the company signed a contract with Delta Airlines to deliver over 19,000 Windows Phone handsets, as well as an agreement that will see it provide over 2,000 Lumias to power and automation company ABB.

According to Nokia's own recent statistics, its share of the EMEA B2B market now stands at 12 percent.

The company has been increasingly targeting the business segment since it adopted Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform in 2011, and agreed to be acquired by the OS' maker Microsoft last year.

Nokia had not responded to requests for comment at the time of publication.

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Topics: Mobility, Nokia, EU

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  • good choice

    Especially if your organization is heavily vested into Office 365 communications such as email, Lync and customer facing yammer and Skype.
    Ram U
    • office 365 is available for every one

      office 365 is available for every one, i will say as these phones are rugged and smart will be good for enterprise.
  • Nokia has landed its largest enterprise smartphone deal

    Enterprises Knows what was made for fun and what's made for work. we're doing the same here starting next month with Surfaces pro for the lucky bastards in the engineering and IT departments
  • Nokia inks 30,000 Lumia deal in Spain

    CaixaBank made the right choice. I love my Nokia Lumia phone. So easy to use without the freezing, app crashes, or random reboots like what is found in the competition. CaixaBank's productivity is about to go up 10 fold.
    • I think it's 11 fold

      Where did you get your number from? :)
      • From you back :-)

    • I love my Lumia 1020

      but I haven't experienced any app crashes on my company Galaxy S3. Both are very reliable, I just prefer the 1020.
  • Still a lot to be desired for Windows Phone in enterprise

    We did some testing and there were a lot of features left out, the main ones were:

    Sending multiple attachments in a single email (this was a deal breaker for a lot of the test team since they are almost entirely mobile)

    No VPN support

    Lack of file management/file structure

    Consistent one look notifications

    As a consumer grade device, Windows Phone is quite nice, but not quite ready for full enterprise use as of yet.
    • Version of Windows Phone

      What version are you using? All of these features are supported?
    • windows phone does allow multiple attachments...

      ... of images.

      so all you needed to do was: print the documents you want to attach, photograph, attach.
      • :) you left out the recycling of the paper step.

        that would be the last step...
    • Enterprise is not more demanding at all levels

      This is about management and support. Consumers can be much more demanding in many ways. Camera, style, performance, ... can be irrelevant in a enterprise environment.
      Even with windows phone being a dead end, Microsoft is good regarding long term support - although they do discontinue too many things too fast.
      I believe is a good choice - windows phones are cheap, and they can eventually integrate better with other software from MS.
      • Cheap?

        The Nokia is built just a s well as the iPhone and I bet mine will last longer and remain more useful over it's life.

        If consumers really were demanding in Camera, Style and performance everyone would be using Nokia WP8's. Instead most consumers just get what they can afford or are persuaded by advertising.
        • Quality != price

          I agree, the quality of the Nokias is very good, but I pucked up my 1020 for 340€, the 16GB iPhone 5S starts at 699€ (both unlocked, without contract).
    • WP8.1

      Can't you just wait one day - like tomorrow? MS will release WP8.1 at BUILD. It will change your view about WP.
  • Multiple attachments

    By using Office 365 and/or OneDrive and/or SharePoint one can avoid sending attachments altogether and share documents/files instead. This resolves also another problems: 1) managing versions; 2) maintaining one master copy all the time.