Nokia JobLens: Experience augmented reality job hunting on your Lumia

Nokia JobLens: Experience augmented reality job hunting on your Lumia

Summary: Nokia just released a new Windows Phone application that uses their LiveSight augmented reality technology to help you find the perfect job. Salary data, neighborhood info, contact relations and more are used to help in your job search.


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  • Welcome to Nokia JobLens

    Nokia is a leader in augmented reality, they have long supported social location applications and they are the premier Windows Phone manufacturer. They put these pieces together and just released JobLens for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices, designed to help you discover new job opportunities.

    I am blessed to have a couple of wonderful jobs myself, but enjoyed testing out the application on the Lumia 928 for the past week. The application is very well-designed with a Metro look and feel while also providing very interesting data such as salary data, neighborhood information, occupation profiles and trends, and much more. Such data is provided by partners that include LinkedIn, Indeed, and Zillow.

    Through the LiveSight technology from HERE, you can visually see jobs around you as you hold your phone up and run the app. There are a number of search filters to help narrow down jobs you desire, including filtering jobs that people in your social networks have or recommend. You will find integration with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live.

    After you find and save jobs that you want to apply for, the application will then walk you through the application process with a progress indicator and event log timeline to take to land the job. These steps include research on the company, identifying contacts, reviewing your CV and cover letter, sending in the CV and letter, prepping for the interview, scheduling the interview and landing the job.

    I found some possible job opportunities that interested me at HTC, Weber Shandwick, Microsoft, Amazon and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. Tools like this are great to see appear on smartphones where we spend so much of our time, and the use of location and social networks make JobLens a valuable tool for the job seeker.

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