Nokia launches phablet duo, RT tablet and Asha handsets: Photos

Nokia launches phablet duo, RT tablet and Asha handsets: Photos

Summary: Nokia today unveiled a whole new suite of big-screen devices, as well as some lower end handsets.


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  • Just ahead of the launch of Apple's next generation of iPads, Nokia has gone big on hardware, launching six devices at its Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi.

    Among the clutch of hardware unveiled on Tuesday by Microsoft's head of devices and services, Stephen Elop, were a pair of phablets, a long-awaited tablet, and three lower-end Asha phones.

    Image: Nokia

  • The star of the show was the 1520, a glossy six-inch Full HD device with some of the highest-specced photography hardware you'll find on a phablet, including a 20-megapixel rear-facing camera and six-lens optics.

    Image: Nokia

  • There's also some power under the bonnet, with a 2.2Ghz quad-core Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM and a decent 32GB of storage for good measure.

    Image: Nokia

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  • Nokia at full steam

    Very well done.
    With the 1320 we can talk about the "budget" phablet - I just wonder about the weight of these new large smartphones - 209g for 1520 and 220g for the 1320!! It's insane to me.
    Nokia is using Samsung tactics - cover every single smarthpone target with devices that are designed as a "family".
    Their tablet looks a lot better than Microsoft's surfaces, while I doubt sales to hit any records, I wouldn't be surprised if they outsell all other RT surfaces.

    Unfortunately for Nokia (or is it for Microsoft) Windows is still running behind competition, I believe Q3 sales of Nokia smartphones will grow at the same rate of smartphone global market (sales between 8 and 8.5M Lumias), basically maintaining market share. Microsoft should heavily revise Windows OS (WP and all) or it will stay around 5% share for long time.