Nokia launches phablet duo, RT tablet and Asha handsets: Photos

Nokia launches phablet duo, RT tablet and Asha handsets: Photos

Summary: Nokia today unveiled a whole new suite of big-screen devices, as well as some lower end handsets.


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Topics: Hardware, Smartphones, Tablets, Windows 8, Windows Phone

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  • Nokia at full steam

    Very well done.
    With the 1320 we can talk about the "budget" phablet - I just wonder about the weight of these new large smartphones - 209g for 1520 and 220g for the 1320!! It's insane to me.
    Nokia is using Samsung tactics - cover every single smarthpone target with devices that are designed as a "family".
    Their tablet looks a lot better than Microsoft's surfaces, while I doubt sales to hit any records, I wouldn't be surprised if they outsell all other RT surfaces.

    Unfortunately for Nokia (or is it for Microsoft) Windows is still running behind competition, I believe Q3 sales of Nokia smartphones will grow at the same rate of smartphone global market (sales between 8 and 8.5M Lumias), basically maintaining market share. Microsoft should heavily revise Windows OS (WP and all) or it will stay around 5% share for long time.