Nokia Live View AR browser in pictures

Nokia Live View AR browser in pictures

Summary: Nokia has unwrapped its augmented reality browser, which it hopes will allow people to discover and locate local services in a fun and engaging way

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  • Nokia Live View browser POIs

    Nokia has introduced its Live View augmented reality browser for Symbian^3 devices. The app, which is still in beta phase, functions as an addition to Ovi Maps and, according to Nokia, provides a quick and convenient way to find and access information about the surrounding area.

    "Our goal is to make it easy for your phone to give you details about your surroundings, making discovery a fun and informative experience," a company spokesman said in a video introducing the app on Tuesday.

    Before use, the compass needs calibrating, which is achieved by tilting the phone back and forth a little. Once the handset is correctly calibrated and has downloaded the data associated with the user's current location, the screen displays all the local 'Places' — points of interest such as restaurants, shops, hotels or transport options. The Places selection can also be narrowed by category to refine the search and de-clutter the screen.

    The radar icon at the top of the display shows all the nearby Places and your current orientation in relation to them.

    Image credit: Nokia

  • Nokia Live View browser POI details

    Like other augmented reality apps, such as Layar, tapping on any of the Places brings up details of the location, including the full address, phone number and reviews.  

    The app works by determining location and orientation through a combination of GPS and compass readings. The information is then displayed as an on-screen overlay to real-life imagery from the camera.

    Image credit: Nokia

Topics: Mobility, Apps

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