Nokia Lumia 1020: OIS, 2GB RAM, and photos from the device revealed

Nokia Lumia 1020: OIS, 2GB RAM, and photos from the device revealed

Summary: It's nearly impossible for anything to remain secret today, and as we approach the big Nokia Lumia event, even more details of the device have appeared.


We are now just a couple of days away from hearing about all the details of the Nokia Lumia 1020, and the folks at Windows Phone Central scored all kinds of juicy details to whet our appetites.

Nokia Lumia 1020: OIS, 2GB RAM, and photos from the device revealed
(Image: Nokia)

I own a Nokia 808 PureView device and tried to go back to using it this past weekend, but just can't go back to using Symbian after diving into the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone world. I look forward to getting this same advanced camera functionality on a modern Windows Phone 8 device, but am still not sure I am ready to get another AT&T exclusive. Who am I kidding, though? Of course I will likely pick up a yellow Nokia Lumia 1020.

New details revealed by Windows Phone Central, not officially confirmed yet, include optical image stabilization (as seen on the flagship Lumia devices) and 2GB of RAM (something new for Windows Phone). It looks like it will have wireless charging via a backplate, similar to how it works on the Lumia 925.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore pretty much confirmed the name, Nokia Lumia 1020, with a couple of photos that appeared on Flickr this past weekend that have since been marked as private.

This is a big week for Nokia and Windows Phone. The Lumia 1020 won't appeal to those looking for a slim phone, but camera phone enthusiasts will be pleased.

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  • No 1080p Screen?

    How are you supposed to look at those hi-res pics? Or do you take Nokia's word that they really are hi-res?
    • Well to really see if they're high res

      You'd need more than a 1080 screen. Or you could, you know, zoom in and see how clear it still is.
      Sam Wagner
      • Re: Or you could, you know, zoom in and see how clear it still is.

        But a 1080p screen would require ⅓ less zooming than 720p. Don't you think that would make for a better device?
        • Yes and no

          It might make a better phone, or the screen might end up looking bad. 1080p doesn't automatically make it look great. Look at the recent Xperia Z.
          Michael Alan Goff
          • Re: 1080p doesn't automatically make it look great

            That's OK. Both Samsung and HTC seem to have found good suppliers. Maybe they could throw a few units Nokia's way.
          • Well

            Nokia's screens look pretty good anyway, even without 1080p.
            Michael Alan Goff
  • Camera phone enthusiasts

    I stopped carrying around my regular camera on most occasions after I purchased 920. Most occasions are like birthday parties or events at low light where the 920 really shines. I printed hard copies of pics from Lumia 920 and they came out excellent. I can't wait to see the details of 1020. Now regarding the 1020p support, the next WP8 update called GDR3 has 1080p support. Also on a 4.5 screen 720P and 1080p hardly make any visual difference.
  • contradictory

    41 megapixel, I do both in this wonder, I talk to me wide-angle or telephoto lenses, because for a camera with such resolution if it has to be improved angles of the shots ... asking for too much silly tricks.
    Andres Arcesio Torres Cano
    • It's not truly 41mp

      as I understand it, the resolution is used for redundancy and the the image is compiled using the best pixels, and it allows better digital zooming.