Nokia Lumia 1020: Unmatched camera experience in a growing Windows Phone market

Nokia Lumia 1020: Unmatched camera experience in a growing Windows Phone market

Summary: There is no argument that the Lumia 1020 is the best camera in a modern phone, but you are going to have to decide if you are willing to trade size for such power.


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  • Lumia 1020 looks like other Lumias from the front

  • Lumia 925, Lumia 1020, 808 PureView, and Lumia 928

  • Front of Lumia 925, Lumia 1020, 808 PureView, and Lumia 928

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  • High Res Images

    I read if you use the AT&T Locker, you can upload the high res photos from the phone.
    Max Daru
    • How can you trust this phone?

      When Microsoft is busy handing their customers data directly to the NSA?
      • Oh T1Oracle

        You are such a wag. /s
      • What an odd post

        As Microsoft stated they do not do that, and the paper that made the statement has been very quiet in their response.

        Could it be that both you and the publication are incorrect?
        John Zern
        • Do you actually believe them?

          After all, if you want to know if MS is lying, look to see if it is a disclaimer...

          If it is, then they are lying again.

          Even with a decent camera, you can't tell if they are lying or not. They were willing to fake it before.
      • but your probably ok

        with Google using algorithms to read mail and target ads? C'mon now the Ad agency is as crooked as it gets.
      • Really...

        This is old news... get over it. The review here isn't about what websites you visit.
        Woned B. Fooldagan
  • Sounds like a good phone.

    Shame that it's locked to AT&T.

    Hoping to see a 1028 (Verizon variant) in the future.
  • Interesting

    This is marketed as 41 megapixel camera phone, yet you do not say it can actually make 41 megapixel photos.

    Either way, 4MB for 34 megapixel image assumes an awfully aggressive compression, which in practice means the resulting resolution in the image file will be much, much less. Has anyone actually measured the resolution of this camera? (resolution and color fidelity, as these are dependent on this kind of sensors)

    How many seconds does it take to snap an 34 megapixel photo?
    • 41MP/38MP/34MP

      It can not take 41MP pictures. The sensor is 41MP, but the sensor is round, and the picture square. A high rez 16:9 is 34 MP and a high rez 4:3 is 38MP.
    • The actual pixels per photo...

      is 38 at the highest resolution according to AT&T.
      Woned B. Fooldagan
    • 41 mp

      The camera takes a 38 or 34 mp image, depending on the aspect ratio, and also a 5mp image that is over sampled based on the 41mp image. The 38 mp image is 12 to 15mb in size. The reviews say there is a delay of about 3 seconds.
  • Please read up before you review...

    Sorry Matthew, I need to point out a few things.

    First, the WP8 app does take 5MP photos, and so does the pro app. These, however, are not the same 5MP photos. With the Pro app, you get the oversampling on the 5MP image. Depending on settings, what is basically does is combine 7px into a single super-pixel. That is where the real magic is, in the 5MP area. You should probably just avoid the WP8 camera app, and use the Pro app on auto, if you don't want to play with settings.

    Also, the full 34/38 MP images always include an oversampled 5MP image, too. This must be the image you were looking at when you stated that the file was 4MB. All of the high rez images I have seen are more like 10-15MB+. If you choose 5MP only in the pro can app, there shouldn't be much of a speed difference from the stock can app. It is the big file that takes time to process.

    As a poster above mentioned, you can also upload high rez photos to AT&T locker, which is providing 50GB free storage, but I believe that is a limited time offer.

    I haven't received mine yet, but can't wait!
    • Thanks for the info

      Thanks for the technical details on the camera and clarification of the different apps.

      I used the Windows Phone application on my iMac to grab the images and it seems I did not get the full res 34 megapixel ones. I'll go grab them and put them on my Flickr set.

      I am not an AT&T customer, but the Locker offer looks like a good way to get some extra cloud storage.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
    • AT&T Locker


      You can get AT&T Locker account online at ( ) or even with an iOS App.
    • Wp app

      From what I read the wp default camera app will take the same oversampled 5mp as the pro app. You won't have the 38mp image and you won't be able to do the lossless zoom and cropping.
  • Nokia Lumia xxxx

    Made in China! Well done! Any gadget sold in Europe should be made in Europe. If the Americans like things as they are that's their problem.
    • They still make things in Europe?

      You should polish your boots before you go out goose stepping in public...
      • Courting Godwin?

        So you lose then yeah?
        Little Old Man
        • Argumentum ad logicam?

          No Nazi comparisons? Sounds like something Hitler would say!