Nokia Lumia 2520 review: Fantastic Nokia technology in tablet form

Nokia Lumia 2520 review: Fantastic Nokia technology in tablet form

Summary: The Nokia Lumia 2520 is an excellent tablet alternative to the iPad with Windows RT 8.1 serving well in the tablet role. Even without a keyboard, the Lumia 2520 is a great tablet to consider for the holidays.


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  • Matte black finish on the back

  • Headphone jack on left side

  • Camera and NFC spot

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  • Outrageous price difference! Inexcusable blunder.

    Based on a series on hands-on previews and in depth reviews I was eagerly waiting in my home town to buy the 2520. Thereby expecting the US dollar price in euro. However, I was very disappointed. In Helsinki they ask believe it or not Euro 650! Compare that with 500 dollar. Apparently we are expected to subsidize the Americans. Also accounting for the taxes, this in inexcusable. Will certainly not buy the machine. Not that I do not have the money, but is utterly unfair.
    • Does that price include VAT?

      American prices are always quoted pre-tax.
      • VAT

        isn't going to be $388 (current exchange rate). At most it would be $100.
        • It's still a bit much

          But 25% of 500$ is more than 100 >_>
          Michael Alan Goff
    • How is it unfair?

      Different countries have different requirements for everything from taxes, customs duties, salaries, etc. It's just real life.
    • That has nothing to do with America

      You are paying for socialism. Don't worry, we are quickly catching up to you but no need to blame the Yanks.
      Rann Xeroxx
  • Yes it does support 64gb MicroSD

    When I bought the tablet I also picked up a 64gb sd card for it. Works well with it.
    Jeremy Hess
  • What do the first two paragraphs mean?

    They make no sense to me. What does Verizon have to do with this purchase? Is it an indictment of the Lumie 2520 that it's not as good as a Surface Pro? Am I missing something here?
    • Section has been updated after recent actions

      Sorry, I cleaned that up after finishing the post and didn't mean for all of that to stay up in the heading.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • "The 16GB Lumia 1520 is available for just $100 with a 2-year contract..."

    And therein lies the problem. You MUST have a cell contract with AT&T. You can not purchase it and only use it with Wi-Fi.

    Again..."The 16GB Lumia 1520 is available for just $100 with a 2-year contract,..." where?

    Not on the AT&T site I just went to. It's $399.99 with a 2-year contract, along with required data plans ranging from $14.99 to $50.00 per month.

    No thanks.
    • Never mind...wrong model...(looks embarrased)

      AT&T pushed me to the 2520 instead of the 1520 when I went to their bad.
      • And this is one MORE reason...

        ...TO HAVE AN EDIT BUTTON...again!

        What is so hard in putting it back on your site? Any 8 year old could add an edit button to a web site. What's ZDNet's excuse? Hmmm?
        • Yeah..

          Totally agree. I use the heck out of that edit button on C|NET.
          Rann Xeroxx
    • Missed this section, updated now

      Sorry about that. I guess I was writing too late and forgot to update the review template with info for the 2520. The pricing and availability section is now correct.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
      • $199 deal with AT&T...

        ...don't know the specifics, but if you buy a Windows Phone (I think either the 1520 or 1020), you can get the 2520 for $199. That is a great deal. Of course, that comes with a contract, but if you are paying $10 a month with a shared plan, that is 2 1/2 years of service basically for free (excluding the actually data charges). I wish Verizon had that deal.
      • full USB ports -

        Just a FYI
        The kbd cover comes with two full size usb ports.

        My guess there is... the casual user probably would not be getting that complicated, and
        the power user or techie would most likely get the cover not only for the kbd but also the extra 6hrs of use and the additional power to run external devices.
  • An Error occurred?

    Priceless, if it won't work for at Microsoft, the I would never buy one, for my home lol.
    I hate trolls also
  • The ability to use two apps at a time in 8.1 & RT

    The implementation that came with the initial Win8/Windows RT was nice, but not great.

    In the 8.1 release, however, it's *very* handy. It's great to be in an email (in the "Metro" full screen world) and press on a URL and have the associated web page pop up beside the email. Then, when you press on a PDF URL on the web page, a third windows-ish thing pops up, roughly asking "which side of the screen do you want me to go".

    It's a very elegant design that impresses me each time I use it.

    For the life of my I don't understand why folks denigrate Windows RT and say that Chromebooks have a future. A tablet running either RT or full Windows is a powerful tool.
    • Agreed

      I did not use this feature much with 8 but you are right in that 8.1 really enhanced this. I use Lync while RDP into systems, I run twitter with IE, etc. Have not connected to a monitor lately but I hear that you can do up to 4 on a large monitor.
      Rann Xeroxx
  • Again, the price difference

    The price difference (650 euro against 500 dollar) is just too great to be explained by differences between countries. Remember that Finland is the home country of Nokia.