Nokia Lumia 2520 RT tablet available in US for $400 on 22 November

Nokia Lumia 2520 RT tablet available in US for $400 on 22 November

Summary: Nokia announced their Windows 8.1 RT tablet at Nokia World and next week you will be able to pick one up under contract from AT&T.

Nokia Lumia 2520 RT tablet available in US for $400 on 22 November
(Image: Nokia)

Nokia announced the Lumia 2520 tablet at Nokia World in October. Nokia just announced that this Windows 8.1 RT device will launch in the US next week.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 will launch on AT&T in black on 22 November for $399.99 with a two-year agreement. AT&T is also offering a deal where you can buy a Lumia 925, 1020, or new 1520 and knock $200 off the price of the 2520, making it just $199.99 with one of these phones.

One aspect of this tablet that distinguishes it from the Microsoft Surface 2 is the integration of cellular wireless. I have LTE on my 3rd generation iPad and find it much more convenient and functional than having to tether to a phone and kill two batteries.

Data only plans for AT&T tablets range from $14.99 (250MB) to $50 (5GB). People didn't seem to be fans of tablet contracts in the past so we will have to see if this pricing plan works for AT&T and Nokia.

I personally prefer the option to buy a month of data when I need it, but then the initial price of the device would go up as well. I'm not sure if you can buy this without a contact and what that cost is, but will try to find out. I just found out the off contract price is $584.99 (may actually be $499 on AT&T). It looks like an amazing piece of hardware, but it may be a tough sell with Windows Pro tablets/computers available for much less.

It is interesting that Nokia is bringing some of their advanced camera technology to a tablet with the 6.7 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics. I've seen plenty of people using their iPad to take photos and video and wonder if this new Lumia will also now be appearing in the way while I am trying to watch sports.

The Lumia 2520 looks like a sweet piece of hardware and I hope to try it out soon. I personally find the Microsoft Surface hardware to also be fantastic so it is great to see another vendor releasing a high quality, premium Windows device.

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  • Nice tablet

    But no need for cell access. Wish I could buy it without the cellular costs.
    • You can

      just pay full price and you don't have to buy a contract.
  • The best Windows tablet

    The best Windows tablet is, alas, one that will probably never see the lift of day: a Microsoft Surface running Windows 8 Pro on Bay Trail internals. It could be as thin as the Surface 2 and run cool all day on a single charge. You'd sacrifice bleeding edge Core i5 performance for "good enough" Bay Trail speeds (think a Core 2 Duo for a couple of years ago) but would still enjoy Surface's (IMHO) second-to-none hybrid form factor.

    It would be a breakaway hit, but it would also put the nail in the coffin of Windows RT, which is why it will probably never happen. Oh well, a fella can dream, right?
    • Check out ASUS' Transformer T100

      Agreed that a Bay Trail Surface would be really nice. Since that doesn't exist, however, I suggest looking at the ASUS T100. My 13-year old son asked to buy this with his own money last week. He wanted something portable that could be used for school work (MS Office) and consumption (Win 8 apps/games, Minecraft on the desktop side). I've been testing it quite a bit myself after he turns in each night. I've been really impressed with the battery life (over 10 hours consistenly between charges) and performance for such a thin device. The Bay Trail processor is terrific. You won't be able to multi-task a lot of apps with only 2 GB of RAM, but light multitasking between Office and other apps works fine.

      He got the 64 GB version for $399 at a local MS store. With the included keyboard that is surprisingly good for this price point, he and I are both really pleased with the purchase. I bought a micro HDMI-VGA adapter for him so he can connect it to my monitor when he wants to work on bigger projects at home, and am looking forward to test that out after it arrives.
      • Microcenter

        Microcenter has the T100 in their most recent Flyer for $350.00 for the 64Gb model... honestly at that price it's an impulse buy. But:

        1) They don't seem to have the device in stock, so I'm not sure the deal isn't a misprint.
        2) I still prefer the Surface form factor with the magnetic, swinging keyboard.
        • Surface keyboard

          Agreed on the Surface keyboard. Fantastic engineering. I play with a Surface Pro every time we're at the MS store, but my wife still hasn't gotten the hint yet. :-(
      • If the t T100

        came with a wacom stylus I'd likely replacing my Samsung Smart PC with it. My situation is similar with the venue pro 11.
        Sam Wagner
        • Stylus

          The Venue 11 Pro has an active stylus option, but sadly all five reviews of it on are one star reviews.
      • I'm waiting for mine

        I've ordered the T100 and I'm waiting for it. Glad to hear that it is quite responsive and true on battery life.

        I had the Vivotab RT last spring and loved it until I dropped it and it broke. This T100 is the same size but with real Windows on Intel and at that price (got it at 380$ from Walmart) including the keyboard dock and MS Office it is a real steal!
    • Dell Venue Pro 11?

      Comes to you in the middle of December. With Office Home and Student and... with McAfee security 30 day trial. See online reviews. Ships in December. Available for preorder now at Dell and Amazon.
      • Anither one

        Another hybrid that's got me salivating. Even has a keyboard similar to the Surface. Hope these start showing up in Best Buy soon so I can try one out.

        Just wish you could get the Bay Trail version with a 128 Gb SSD.
    • remote computer

      RT still makes a good device to remotely run Windows off a office PC. I use a solution Thinserver from Aikotech
      • Thinserver from Aikotech is a bad choice

        I would use one of the better working ones from a company with experience in things of those matters.
        • good choice

          For me and lots of users who recommended, it's a good choice. Simple to set up. Easy to use. And cheap too. Don't knock it till u try it ;-)
    • disappointed

      I expected to see something like that. I've order a Lenovo Miix because the Surface Pro is just too heavy and is more power than I need in a fondleslab.
  • Thought this was $499?

    And $399 on contract? That's what I had read weeks ago on WPCentral.
  • Here maps

    Its a bit strange that Here maps Store app is only available to Nokia 2520. But 2520 will be an excellent tablet and offers much value than buying an iPAD
    • here

      I think you will see that across the board soon
      once the deal is finalized.
      Getting all of Nokias extras as standard features for all systems
      will allow it to be highly integrated.
      This will boost sales of other partners too.
    • Right, and the nexus 7 an even better value than those

      Also the kindles have quite some good deals as well, if you are not tied to the windows or google product line.
  • "I've seen plenty of people using their iPad to take photos and video"

    This should be banned. I think its mostly people who just got their tablet, but never do it again once they realize how impractical and ridiculous. Its frustrating enough to see people staring at their phones filming events the whole time, rather than really watching them.