Nokia Lumia 900 lines up for UK launch

Nokia Lumia 900 lines up for UK launch

Summary: A look at the British version of the Lumia 900, Nokia's top-of-the-line Windows Phone Mango-powered handset, which goes on sale in the UK this week without the 4G features seen in its US counterpart


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  • Lumia 900 front facing camera

    The UK model Lumia 900 is also very similar to the Lumia 800. Like its sibling, it includes the best of the Nokia-specific apps, such as Drive, Music and Transport, but unlike the 800, it comes some handy new features.

    Among them is a 1-megapixel forward-facing camera, which can be used for video calling or capturing photos or video.

    Image credit: Ben Woods

  • Lumia 800 vs Lumia 900

    The Lumia 900 (left) also brings a larger 4.3-inch AMOLED 'ClearBlack' touchscreen display. It differs slightly from the 800 in that it supports dual-channel data connections — meaning HSPA+ speeds of up to a theoretical maximum of 42Mbps — and can be used as a mobile hotspot for up to five other devices.

    Both Lumia models use the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango operating system. This means they provide largely the same user experience, including integrated social networking and account sync options.

    Image credit: Ben Woods

  • Lumia 800 vs Lumia 900 rear

    The Lumia 900 measures 127.8mm by 68.5mm by 11.5mm and weighs 160g. By comparison, the 800 has a chassis measuring 116.5mm by 61.2mm by 12.1mm and weighs 142g.

    Unlike the Lumia 800, the 900 uses a flat piece of glass for the display rather than rounded edges. However, it provides a similar level of camera functionality, with Carl Zeiss optics on board.

    Image credit: Ben Woods

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  • To correct one thing, Lumia 900 was not on sale in January but in April 8th, it was just introduced in January in Las Vegas.

    Hope the Lumia 900 will make a hit in the UK!!!
  • @KJIA. Thanks for catching that error. We'll fix that now.
    Karen Friar
  • you say this 'sales success' "will be exclusive to online retailer Phones4U"
    This does not seem to be correct - a quick check shows that this bomb will be available from many UK retailers .
    In fact it's actually discounted at launch - bundled with free headphones on discount tariffs

    At best Phone4 seem have the white model 'exclusively'
    Which does not make it as 'exclusive' as is being claimed.