Nokia Lumia EOS/1020/909: All is known but price and official name

Nokia Lumia EOS/1020/909: All is known but price and official name

Summary: Nokia will reveal all the details for its new 41-megapixel Lumia Windows Phone on July 11, but leaks and Nokia's own revelations have shown much of what we can expect.


My HTC One and Apple iPhone 5 serve me well, but I am a sucker for the slick Windows Phone 8 user interface and Metro styling, not to mention that Halo is coming soon.

Nokia Lumia EOS/1020/909: All is known, but price and official name
(Image: Nokia)

Nokia is holding an event in New York next week, and it has revealed several hints that make the announcement of a high-end camera phone running Windows Phone a sure thing. New leaks and info show that it will likely be an AT&T exclusive in the US, with a version available in the UK, too.

The Nokia PureView 808 is, without a doubt, the best camera phone ever made. I still own one and use it occasionally, but the Symbian OS it is based on what is irrelevant in the current smartphone world. The upcoming Nokia EOS/1020/909 (the name is one of the only things we don't know about the device) will likely have a similar 41-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and Xenon flash. However, it will also be running the latest version of Windows Phone 8 with the Amber update seen on the Nokia Lumia 925.

It is unfortunate that we still have exclusive carrier releases today, and I wish phone manufacturers would tell carriers to differentiate themselves on coverage and price rather than making sweet deals to limit device availability to a single carrier. WPCentral posted an image that shows AT&T branding of the device, and, given what happened last year with the Lumia 920, I think the carrier exclusivity deal may happen yet again.

I just dropped AT&T to save some money, since I already have T-Mobile and Verizon, and was not really using my AT&T service much. Given my long history with Nokia devices, desire for a fantastic camera experience, and excellent AT&T long-term evolution (LTE) coverage, I may find myself going back to AT&T to pick up the new Nokia Lumia EOS device. We have seen several leaked images of the Lumia EOS and camera module, so there is very little left to reveal next week.

The Nokia Lumia 925 will be launching within a couple of weeks on T-Mobile, and that is the device I have been saving up for. However, with the likely limit of 16GB on that model, I may skip it and get the Lumia EOS device instead. The good thing is that the EOS announcement is coming on July 11 with the 925 release rumored for July 17, so I will be able to make an informed decision.

ZDNet's sister site CNET reported that the new Nokia Lumia, which is being called the 1020, will also be launched in the UK as well as on AT&T in the US. The Nokia Lumia 928 is an exclusive with Verizon, but AT&T has the 920 and T-Mobile will soon get the 925, so at least these carriers all have a very similar flagship Lumia.

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  • Pureview 808 is the best camera ever put into a phone...

    ...Definitely NOT the best camera phone ever made by any stretch. There's a key difference.
    • If we're calling a "smartphone"...

      ... a camera phone, that is.
    • So then

      What was the best camera phone that was ever made.
      • True, but it was a lousy smartphone

        Camera was the only selling point. It's arguable if as a phone it was a lot behind the competition and if as a camera was way ahead of competition.
        • Re: as a camera was way ahead of competition

          On the other hand, for less money, one can get an compact camera, with about the same dimensions, much better sensor and most of all, much better optics --- without the phone functionality. That cheaper camera will put the PureView 808 to shame, any day.

          A "best camera" in a smartphone is only useful if otherwise the smartphone is top class. (not because of the camera, that is)
          • 808 is the *best* (from 2012 beginning to a day before July 11th 2013)

            better than 1/1,2" sensor?
            which camera model?
            it still can't make any calls
            so you need to add to the weight and dimension that of a simple phone at least, but then you don't have the e-mails
            and so on...
  • The Pureview 808 is NOT the best camera in a smartphone

    Maybe you missed the comparisons where even a stock 920 outperforms the 808 in low-light shots. The 808 may be a 41Mp sensor, but the 920 included several additional low-light optimizations over the original.
    • the 920 does well

      because it has really good software processing of images that the 808 doesn't have. presumably the EOS will have both the benefit of the sensor on the 808 plus the benefit of the software in the 920, making it leagues better than either one of its predecessors.
  • Nokia is stupid to give ATT any exclusives.

    I don't know how Verizon has been treating them but ATT sales reps flat out lie to customers telling them to avoid Nokia and WP in general. They also give Nokia crappy back corner spots and take the promotional materials down. Nokia would be much better off selling non exclusive and even independently of the carriers. Nokia,HTC, and Samsung should join forces to sell all their phones off contract from day one.
    Johnny Vegas
    • Re: ATT sales reps flat out lie to customers telling them to avoid Nokia an

      Sales reps get paid on commission. If a customer returns a phone for another one, the rep has to do a second selling job, but doesn't get a second commission. So naturally the reps are going to avoid brands associated with high return rates. Can you blame them?
  • troll

    Interesting troll. Do you have any stats to back that assertion up? How about this?
  • if only

    it was going to be android