Nokia Q2: By the numbers

Nokia Q2: By the numbers

Summary: Nokia's second-quarter was bad. Let's not deny that. But the results were mixed, and on the whole not as bad as expected. Here are the numbers you need to know.


Nokia's second-quarter results are pretty dire. Having said that, there are some streams of rainbows forming out of the smoldering heap of the former phone giant.

  • Nokia saw a Q2 net loss of €1.41 billion ($1.74bn) -- four times greater than a year ago;
  • Net sales on devices are down by 26 percent on Q2 2011, compared to 5 percent on Q1 2012
  • Smartphones sales dropped by 34 percent on Q2 2011;
  • Its current net cash position stands at €4.2 billion ($5.17bn) --- down from €4.8 billion ($5.9bn) in Q1. 

In terms of smart devices, Nokia says the picture looks bleak year-on-year, partially due to a falling number in Symbian devices. Nokia says this was partially offset by sales of Lumia devices.

  • Nokia shipped 4 million Lumia smartphones in Q2, falling in line with estimates.
  • Overall, Nokia sold 10.2 million 'smart' devices -- including Symbian, MeeGo, and Windows Phone, down from 16.7 million in the last quarter;
  • Mobile phone volumes have increased quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year to 73 million units;
  • $49.99 is the current price of the Lumia handset in U.S. AT&T stores following a price reduction;
  • Its patent portfolio is worth around $6 billion.

Breaking down the figures by region, Nokia only sold 600,000 mobile devices in the United States, while Asia-Pacific took the geographic crown with more than 28.6 million devices sold. 

Despite Nokia's decline in the past quarter, its shares rose on the news. Here's what Nokia looks like at the moment:

  • Nokia's share price is up more than 10 percent on NYSE pre-market trading;
  • Nokia's market cap stands at $6.48 billion, around 50 times less than its peak in 2000;
  • Nokia shares have dropped 84 percent since unveiling its Windows phones strategy;
  • 10,000 employees lost in the past quarter, set to leave by the end of this year.

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  • Should take Microsoft to court!

    Nokia should be taking Microsoft to court now that it is clear that the new windows 8 phone OS will not run on the brand new Nokia phones.

    Who would buy one now!

    Microsoft must have known this was going to be the case and it seems that Nokia were not aware of this issue when they were betting the house on Windows phone OS, so Nokia should either be compensated by Microsoft or the shareholders should pressure the Nokia board to sue.

    Its a disaster for Nokia.
    • It only matters to some!

      And those are mostly tech pundits and tech enthusiasts. WinPho 7.8 will look just like WinPho 8 and most won't care as the developers won't be scrapping their app portfolio on 7.8 for 8 since it will take some time to get WinPho 8 devices out there in masses and why would a developer cut off their support for 7.8?

      Its not as big a deal as is made out to be and this happens all the time on Android and no one really cares and sales are fine. My HTC Incredible is still on 2.3 and it works just fine and I don't need to be upgraded to use the phone fully as I always have.
      • Matters to most

        Seeing that after spending so much money on campaigns (most buses in Sofia are Lumia branded) they sold 4mln devices wordwide, the news that it will not be upgraded to Windows 8 obliterated the Lumia line. Everyone will wait with the purchase, if they've actually decided buying a Win Pho OS device. I expect them to sell 2mln devices in Q3, at the most.

        It's funny that they've still sold more Symbian+MeeGo devices than Lumia ones.
        • OK, well I guess.....

          Your opinion is everyone's opinion. Go talk to an average Joe and ask them about it and they will probably give you a funny look like what the heck are you talking about. That stuff happens on Android all the time and so many phones don't get updated, but no one is raising hell about it like they are for Nokia. You all act like developers are gonna stop WP7 development since WP8 is coming out and I guess you just don't understand developers and having to make a living so why the hell would you cut out millions of users and just go WP8? Also Lumias are not available in every country and Symbian still has some places it sells well, get over it!
        • No actually matters to very very few. And lumia sales have been up

          since this was announced. Most consumers dont care about upgrades between HW upgrades. And this is one that falls especially into that category as the very very few who do care are pretty much a 100% overlap with the ones that would want the new hw to go with it. Multi-core, hi-res screen, NFC, bitlocker/encryption, etc. etc. all require new hw. Very few that dont care about any of the new stuff care about upgrades.
          Johnny Vegas
  • Nokia is circling the drain.

    Nowhere to go but down the drain. Microsoft will swoop in and grab up all the Patents, then start suing every other phone maker. Microsoft know it's more profitable to be a "tax collector" as opposed to a company that produces a product.
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    • No fun left

      Who's left to sue? Nokia was no slouch in enforcing their patents. All the serious players have already licensed them. The Nokia patent portfolio has turned into a 'financial services' play: you'll pay X and you'll get an annuity worth Y per year.

      Besides, two more quarters like this and Elop will be calling 877-CASH-NOW singing, "I have a bunch of patents and I need cash -now-",
      Robert Hahn
  • Nokia Q2: By the numbers

    Not such a big deal, they were expecting some loss when they moved to Windows Phone. And they will expect some more loss until Windows Phone 8 is out and they can get on other carriers.
    Loverock Davidson-
  • "Some more loss"?!

    The Lumia 900 is now $50 on contract, that will kill their already abysmal margin, and the quarters until this Windows 8 phones ship will be absolutely ugly.
  • Certainly More Opportunity Ahead

    Between the impact Windows 8 (yes, not Windows Phone 8, but Windows 8) will have on Windows Phone adoption, and offering more phones on more carries in the U.S., as well as further markets not yet entered with the Lumia, there's certainly a number of opportunities that are untapped as they engineer a turnaround.
  • Numbers

    What does "50 times less than" mean? One-fiftieth? The word "times" implies MORE of something, not LESS. I never have understood phrases like that.
  • The Windows Phone Pattern Keeps Repeating

    Nokia's total sales of Windows Phone phones for the quarter--4 milliion--is not enough to offset the total decline in sales of its smartphones--6.5 million.

    We saw this with Microsoft itself, where the total adoption of Windows Phone is not enough to offset the continuing decline in Windows Mobile market share.

    In other words, Microsoft has been going backwards since the introduct ion of Windows Phone. And Nokia has joined in that retrogression since it jumped on the Windows Phone bandwagon.

    Any more OEMs want to join Microsoft in this game?
    • Gotta be a reason.

      I'm sure the phone works OK, but I've never even seen one. My feeling is the tiles are foreign to people and they tend to avoid them. People get introduced to smartphones by what their friends and co-workers are using and recommend. The Galazy S3 and the top of the line Droids are impressive and undercut the cost of an Apple by several hundred dollars. If the cold reception the tiles on the phones are getting, imagine what is going to happen with Win8. Dealers aren't commiting to Win8 and are offering it as a plan B while keeping Win7 in the forefront.
    • Windows phone an Nokia.

      Tiles have come to represent the harbinger of financial disaster. Maybe that's a good thing considering it gives some warning to dealers and OEM's about the future of Win8.
  • Shipped != Sold

    Everyone knows they havn't actually sold anywhere close to 4m Lumias.

    The retail chain is stuffed with handsets they can't even give away on contract.

    They also gave away 30% of those 4m handsets as promotional freebies..
    Mark Str
  • Yes, Let's look on the bright side...

    ...It reflects what you see on display at Radio Shack and Walmart.