Nokia Q4: Better than expected, Lumia sales 'solid'

Nokia Q4: Better than expected, Lumia sales 'solid'

Summary: Nokia fared better during the December holiday season, and sold more Lumia smartphones during the fourth quarter than in previous months.


Nokia's fourth quarter results were better than expected and "exceeded expectations," according to the company. Despite the troubles in recent quarters, notably the second and third quarter, Nokia has prevailed with a strong quarter thanks to the December holiday sales.

The Espoo, Finland-based phone maker sold 6.6 million 'Smart Device' units, totaling €1.2 billion ($1.57bn). Out of that, Nokia said two-thirds of those were Lumia smartphones, totalling 4.4 million units.

Nokia sold more Lumia smartphones during the December holiday period than it did during the second and third quarters each -- 4 million in Q2, and 2.9 million in Q3. 

Nokia Lumia sales were better during Q4 than any previous quarter. Credit: Nokia

Aside from Lumia, Nokia sold 15.9 million smartphone units during the fourth quarter, including 9.3 million Asha phones, and 2.2 million Symbian smartphones. The phone maker said the "Devices & Services [division] has exceeded expectations and achieved underlying profitability in the fourth quarter 2012."

Devices & Services net sales for the fourth quarter comes in at approximately €3.9 billion ($5.13bn), while total device volumes stand at 86.3 million units. The unit's operating expenses were lower than expected, and the firm is expected to break even or reach positive 2 percent.

Nokia rocketed by 16 percent in pre-market trading after its handset and equipment sales beat forecasts, and rose by as much as 22 percent before the opening bell.

For Nokia Siemens Networks, the troubled telecoms equipment maker, the division also "exceeded expectations" and recorded a third consequtive quarter of underlying profitability. However, Nokia warned that "seasonality is expected to have a negative impact on the first quarter 2013" compared to the fourth quarter of 2012.

Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop said in prepared remarks:

"We are pleased that Q4 2012 was a solid quarter where we exceeded expectations and delivered underlying profitability in Devices & Services and record underlying profitability in Nokia Siemens Networks. We focused on our priorities and as a result we sold a total of 14 million Asha smartphones and Lumia smartphones while managing our costs efficiently, and Nokia Siemens Networks delivered yet another very good quarter."

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  • Poor Analysts - they can't get anything right

    Those who spelled doom for Nokia could take their words back now. It's now Nokia's turn to grab the market from Samsung and Apple.
    • SAD so SAD

      Very sad to see so many supporters/ignorants/fools to support Micro$oft and their criminal behaviour. M$ is a patenttroll and spreading lots of FUD against competitiors ... sad, very sad ....
      • Very sad to see how you feel about those that use what they want

        and not what you want - "see so many supporters/ignorants/'fools' to support Microsoft"

        So anyone who doesn't subscribe to your antiquated, incorrect, and totally biased feelings about MS is a fool?

        And you wonder why people look at you funny.
        William Farrel
        • Re: "that use what they want"

          Hi Will, and good morning. First off it's good to see you post this type of thinking, because in the past I've also read posts of yours' that put people down for using Ipads, Androids, etc.

          And you're quite correct, everyone should have the right to choose what works for them without being bashed for their personal choice and likes or dislikes. I really don't understand some of these posters whom have so much contempt for a company and / or their products.

          Great response......
      • Really?

        As opposed to... what? Apple? Google? Troll
    • Not great numbers

      4.4m holiday period units supported by the WP8 launch and then warning on Q1 doesn't strike me as all that great. Nokia had a burst of sales when they launched the WP7 handsets that quickly trailed off, looks like the same will be true here.
      • How are things in your fanatasy world?

        Any new product, at launch and for a short period of time, will have a great sales spurt, and will tali off thereafter. That's true for any iPhone or any Android phone, or any tablet.

        Nobody has a spurt of growth or sales that lasts for a long period of time. That's why Apple has to launch a new iPhone or a new iPad every 4 to 6 months, because, their last product has become "obsolete" or is not selling like the hotcakes they were initially.

        In this world, people don't just keep buying like crazy and like the product wont be there then week after the initial launch.

        In your fantasy land, people maintain that crazed look after the initial launch of a product, and keep coming back to purchase the same product again.

        In this world, people are realistic.
    • agreed

      Some of the crap I see from analysts suggests they play favorites based off their own technology usage.
    • Go Nokia Go

      Great news for people who love real phones!
  • Nokia Q4: Better than expected, Lumia sales 'solid'

    Everyone saw this coming. As soon as Nokia announced their Lumia series we all knew it was going to sell well. They are some very good phones. Lets watch that Windows Phone market grow thanks to Nokia.
    • Yes

      Got my 920 yesterday ... loving it!!
      • Give Us An Update . . .

        . . . after you've charged it! Everyone loves the nearly Apple-like "box opening" experience; I've heard it's only downhill from there.
        • what update you want?

          The experience is nowhere iPhone like. I am using 920 for the past one month. I also use iPhone 5.
          1. I don't have to pull down the notifications to see, the live tiles tell me that.
          2. I don't need plenty of apps doing the same stuff like FB, Tweet, LinkedIn etc. "My" hub lets me do that easily, I can post updates or respond easily.
          3. The messaging Hub lets me respond to SMS, FB, etc.
          4. Skype is cool on WP8, I don't have to request people to get iPhone to "FaceTime". I could Skype, I know Skype is available on iPhone 5 also.
          5. Xbox integration is cool and I see more and more opportunities for Microsoft to move from just gaming to everything with that. They already have extensions and SmartGlass for it and I see more integration in future.
          Ram U
          • You missed his key point

            apple invented unboxing. Hell, they even invented boxes.
            Little Old Man
          • Serious question about a silly subject

            Did apple fanboys invent the unboxing spectacle?

            I just can't imagine anything more stupid than suggestion your device is "enhanced" by the box it was shipped in, as if it somehow works better when powered up because it "knew" it was in a "pretty" box.

            Amazon actually gets the biggest kudos for me when it comes to boxes. My Kindle shipped in the most boring, brown, yet most functional box I've ever seen. My Surface shipped in a beautiful box that had to be put in boring, brown box for shipping. What a waste.
          • Lol you are right.

            The fanboy and Apple fantasy sites "started" unboxing videos and pushed them to YouTube thinking that fellow fanboys need help in unboxing the device package.
            Ram U
        • You have Heard

          The voices in your head tell you that it is downhill. I have a 920 it is a great phone, solid phone. I love screen, the phone calls are crisp and clear. I have panorama shooting wireless charging, NFC.

          I do not understand why people would want a company to fail like that. There is room for everyone, I hope it Android, IOS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry all make it. It is good for the consumer.

          People must have a pretty empty life when they hope Microsoft or Apple or Google disappear, it is a phone people, life was happening before (for most people) and it will continue after as well. So get out of your basement and talk to someone instead of txt.
          • why do people hate and fear MS - i'll tell you

            People like me fear (irrationally I know) that microsoft could again dominate phones to a monopoly like with PCs.
            I realize there is no chance of that in phones at the situation is different now.
            But if they get any share they develop clout to threaten OEMs to use windows phone over android. Things like that.

            Also, no one should use or support a completely closed OS anymore. Pragmatically, closed apps are OK, although preferably open. When one company controls both closed apps and OS its a bad situation.

            They also controlled and still do, undocumented file formats like doc. Look at windows/office/doc. Look at the fat32 long filename patent which they still wield like a sword.

            Apple is actually even worse so technically I should fear them most but they don't just sell an OS.
            They also deserve their success with 'i' products as they were first with these next gen products.

            WE know MS will do whatever to gain market and profit. Id much rather see google in the dominant position if anyone. Its kind of like - who to you pick to be the worlds dominant power - the
            US (google) or Iran (MS), lets say. The US is far from perfect but its obviously a no brainer.
          • bleh!

            All fuss. Microsoft is no Iran and Google is no US.
            US is one of the largest democracies on the Earth and Google is not democracy it is a business. Google just serves its customers, aka, advertisers, like Microsoft serves its customers, its software purchasers. They both are businesses. Tell me once Eric Schmidt, Larry Page, or Sergey donates most of their fortune like Bill Gates and I will listen to you. Until then you are just a liar and want to rub your fantasies on us.
            Ram U
          • Did you just compare Microsoft

            to Iran?
            Michael Alan Goff