Nokia releases Refocus app for existing Lumia PureView devices

Nokia releases Refocus app for existing Lumia PureView devices

Summary: Nokia continues to push smartphone photography to the limits and this new app gives PureView owners the ability to focus on multiple levels from a single image.


Nokia announced the Lumia 1520 with 20 megapixel PureView technology last month and showed off their new Refocus application. Existing PureView owners, including the Lumia 1020, 920, 925, and 928, can now download and install Nokia Refocus and enjoy multiple levels of focus in a single image.

Nokia Refocus lumia pureview camera photography

The Nokia Refocus app performs similarly to the Lytro camera. The application allows you to shoot between two and eight photos, dependent on available focal planes in view of your shot.

To get the most out of the Refocus software, you need to focus on the object closest to you and move your phone close to that object until it is clear. Keep a steady hand and then you will have an image you can tap and refocus on to share with others.

The Refocus app also includes Nokia's Color Pop utility from other Nokia camera apps so you can color in sections of your photo while making the rest black and white.

You can share your captured image to SkyDrive with a unique page at being created. This site hosts the image where people can interact and change focus themselves, right from their web browser. Try it out on the Nokia website, it's pretty slick.

Nokia is definitely setting the bar for smartphone photography. I look forward to checking out a Lumia 1520 with the latest in Nokia technology soon.

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  • Nokia software is actually very good

    Who knew Nokia could make software so well? All the Nokia apps are excellent, very robust, and unique. In my experience there camera and photo software is great. Also check out their app called PhotoBeamer - AMAZING!
    Sean Foley
  • Looks great

    But I'm still perplexed why it is a separate app? It should be combined with the Pro Cam app for a seamless experience.

    Other than that, I love Nokia's photography apps, and very much look forward to purchasing a 1020 very soon.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • It will be I think with Nokia Black update along with GDR3

      Ram U
  • Lytro

    Interestingly, Nokia Refocus seems to have one feature that the Lytro software does not have: all-in-focus. As the name says, it allows to have the whole picture content in focus. Pretty amazing.

    Finally, even if the Refocus software is just using a "trick" to achieve what the Lytro does with its light field sensor, it actually yields very similar results.
  • too bad

    Its a windows OS tho
    • too bad

      That you decided to be the first to troll tho
  • Not true Refocus

    This thing simply takes several photos at different distances.

    When Nokia announced the 41 megapixel sensor, the first thing I was thinking was this could be the ideal platform for the Refocus Imaging technology (now Lytro). But, the best thing Nokia could do was pixel binning and digital zoom. Not impressive.

    There is a great opportunity for light field photography with mobile devices. Sadly, Nokia will not make mobile phones anymore and this stuff requires hardware support. But, they could produce new kind of compact cameras, unless the PureView tech is sold to Microsoft, too.