Nokia removes HERE Maps from Apple App Store

Nokia removes HERE Maps from Apple App Store

Summary: There are plenty of GPS navigation options on iOS, but there is one less today as Nokia decided not to continue development for iOS 7.

TOPICS: Mobility, iOS, iPhone, Nokia
Nokia removes HERE Maps from Apple App Store

Last year when Apple released Maps for iOS 6 there was quite a controversy online about the poor performance. Map service providers quickly jumped in and offered solid alternatives.

One of these providers was Nokia with their HERE Maps. This morning Engadget reported that Nokia pulled HERE Maps from the Apple App Store because "iOS 7 harms the user experience."

While I use HERE Maps on my Lumia Windows Phone devices, I don't have it installed on my iOS devices and thus am not sure what the experience was like with it on iOS 7. One benefit of using HERE Maps on iOS was the ability to download maps for offline usage.

Nokia stated you can still go to and use their mobile web version. If the experience with iOS 7 is broken then you would think Nokia would update their HERE Maps software and optimize it for iOS 7. Then again, if no one is using HERE Maps on their iPhone then it doesn't make sense for Nokia to waste any more resources developing for the iOS platform.

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Topics: Mobility, iOS, iPhone, Nokia

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  • Maybe

    they mean that the changes to conform to the iOS 7 GUI standard would break the experience?
    • More likely, no-one bought the app

      Like most people, I did not know that it existed.
      • Ignorant people didn't know it existed

        Most of the world did ... and there is nothing to sell. It was available for FREE.

        This is most likely a shift of $$$ by Nokia and a push by MS to have the app be exclusive to WinPho.
      • Such an arrogant and stupid comment

        I have maps by Apple, Google and Sygic and so I have absolutely no reason to consider a 4th. I suspect many others are in a similar position. They, like me, do not need "a dozen" map apps on their phone or tablet. If filling you devices with map apps makes you happy, then well and good. For the rest of us, a couple is more than enough.
  • I don't get why they would do this?

    Now that Nokia has sold their phone and tablet business to Microsoft, arn't they essentially a apps/services company? And isn't their map software supposed to be one of the best? Granted, outside the US, Apple is starting to fall far behind Android and even behind Windows Phone is some markets, but I would think iOS is still a platform worth publishing on. But, since Apple doesn't let you change your default apps away from their crapple-apps maybe people just gave up and use what's defaulted. One more reason why Android will continue to rule the world.
    A Gray
  • I never used it

    But IMHO it seems a bit short sighted to pull the app.
  • Bye inferior Map app!

    Don't let the door kit your butt on the way out HERE Maps. Apple Maps FTW!
    • Cloggy7, is that you?

      Where you been?
      • Nope.

        Next guess?
        • Stop changing your name.

          Stay as ToddBottom3.5, and quit running away from your identifiers.

          Are you scared of something?
    • What?

      Apple Maps FTW? Nope. No way. Checked last week on a friend's iPhone. Apple Maps STILL have my house in the middle of the Mississippi River. Yes, I live in a town on the Mississippi River, but live about three miles from the riverfront. FWIW, Google Maps on the same iPhone have my house at the correct location.
    • Inferior?? Only if you ignore the fact that it was the best

      Nokia HERE ran circles around the rarely right garbage of Google Maps and Apple Maps is still immature (but is already more accurate then Google Map).
  • bummer

    I'm totally going to miss the HERE Maps app for iOS... said no one, ever.
  • Good move

    Apple maps are default and everybody knows google maps so it is very hard to compete in that space. Why bother working on the new version when interest is low.
  • I don't care

    I stopped using Ios when I gave my 4S to my dad and now use Nokia HERE on my Lumia 920 :)
  • the mobile page is appreciated but

    a pretty lame experience. I'd love to have an android app.
  • Still Works

    I have an iPhone 5s and had downloaded Here Maps about a year ago so it is still available for me. I tried it on the 5s and it seems to work fine. Starting in February, all new app submissions, including updates, will need to be iOS 7-compliant. My guess is that Here Maps isn't iOS 7-compliant, and they simply concluded it wasn't worth the effort since there wasn't much uptake. Heck, even Google Maps has much lower usage than Apple Maps on iOS now, even though Google Maps on iOS is just as good as, if not better than Google Maps on Android.
    • Unlike Amazon, Apple doesn't erase whats already installed

      The only company that would remove apps and media from a device without warning or option is Amazon.

      Neither Apple, Google or MS will remove an app once it is installed. Apple and MS may warn you about a bad app but will not remove it. On the other hand, Google doesn't give a crap if you got malware or not and won't even warn you.
      • "Google doesn't give a crap if you got malware "

        This is the way Google works. "We don't care about anything, just use Google". No wonder they lost millions of iOS Google Maps customers.
        Maria Davidenko
        • Last I checked

          so does Apple not send out security updates to iPad 1 and Macs running older OS. Apple does not care if you get hacked, indeed they want you to buy new hardware...