Nokia reveals new Windows Phones (Phones Show Chat podcast #154)

Nokia reveals new Windows Phones (Phones Show Chat podcast #154)

Summary: Nokia announced their new Windows Phone 8 devices so Steve and Tim asked me to join them and provide my opinion on whether this was enough or not.


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Last week Nokia announced their new Lumia 920 and 820 Windows Phone 8 devices so Steve asked me to join him and Tim on Phones Show Chat episode 154 to provide my opinion on these new devices. Steve and Tim also asked me about my usage of Windows Phone and a few questions on other platforms.

There were many topics covered in this podcast so make sure to check the Phones Show website for the full list. Topics included discussions on the Galaxy Beam, Nokia 808 PureView and upcoming Feature Pack 2 update, and apps of the week. Thanks again to Steve and Tim for having me on the show

Topics: Mobility, Nokia, Samsung, Smartphones

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  • You shouldn't announce that Ballmer

    Ordered you to "Priase our Product", as it shows bias. It's honest, but people will see you for the liar you are.
    Troll Hunter J
    • Seriously???

      Wow, dude get a life.
  • I must say that like an English Accent

    Pretty pleasant podcast- like the civility.