Nokia shifts central Europe HQ from Austria to Hungary

Nokia shifts central Europe HQ from Austria to Hungary

Summary: Nokia has confirmed it is to move the headquarters for its central and eastern Europe region from one country's capital to another.

TOPICS: Nokia, Mobility, EU

Nokia is relocating its Central and Eastern European HQ to Hungary.

The regional headquarters will be moved to the Hungarian capital of Budapest from its current location of Vienna, Austria.

Nokia HQ
Nokia is shifting its Central and Eastern European offices to Hungary. Image credit: Nokia

"Following the announcement on 14 June regarding sharpening our strategy and organisation, we redefined some of our regional set-ups and will manage the Central and Eastern Europe countries from Budapest — they were managed as part of a different regional set-up from Vienna in the past," a Nokia spokeswoman said.

The announcement in June saw Nokia overhaul its management team and cut 10,000 jobs. The company had earlier announced that it would close its Komarom factory in Hungary, with the loss of thousands of jobs.

The company would not confirm whether there will be any redundancies from the HQ move, or whether the staff from the Austrian office will be transferred to the Hungarian one. The company is "still in the planning phase" and couldn't provide any more details on staffing levels, the spokesperson said.

Nokia will still have a sales unit in Austria, she added, "with a strong local team that will continue to sell Nokia devices, offer Nokia services and ensure customer care for our products".

Europe remains Nokia's biggest market, accounting for €2bn (£1.58bn) of sales — around 30 percent of the company's total — in the second quarter of this year.

Topics: Nokia, Mobility, EU

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  • Will Nokiamake it

    Till January? They are bledig csh so rapidly, can they sustain the current direction?It's not too late to get a New OS, as their current choice, was a big mistake.
    Troll Hunter J
  • They have an OS...

    Symbian or Meego either will still do much of what Nokia users want (and they have/had development environment in QT that is out there and known). They just need to re-commit to either/both and let deveopers know that they have a future if they develop apps for them. There are likely a number of ex-Nokia employees out there that know how to develop QT apps for both OSes.
    They can continue to see where Windows Phone 8 will take them, but they should NOT put all their eggs in that basket. Problem is that Elop will not admit he made a mistake. That is a sign of a "not so very big man" !
    • Every time Nokia CEO was asked about N9 or N95...

      He put out his Lumia phone to brag about it. He also repeatedly stated that MeeGo will not be continued **regardles** of N9 performance on the market, killing MeeGo even before its official birth.

      Also Nokia in recent Q recalled N9 from more markets (and they where not best Nokia markets in the first place). While N95 which was production ready (few 3rd party devs got final N95!!!) was never released.

      What Nokia need is new CEO.