Nokia shows off E72 business smartphone

Nokia shows off E72 business smartphone

Summary: The successor to the popular E72 has faster 3G connectivity, a better camera, a standard headphone jack and an optical navigation key

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  • Nokia on Monday unveiled the E72, the successor to its popular E71 business handset.

    The updated version of Nokia's Qwerty-keyboarded candybar phone includes an optical navigation key. According to Nokia vice president Ilari Nurmi, the new input method allows for "more intuitive scrolling through menus, emails and fast panning of images".

    Another enhancement visible on the front of the Series 60 phone is the ability to turn the handset into a torch with a single press of the spacebar key.

  • The E72's camera is a five-megapixel affair, while the E71 only had a 3.2-megapixel camera. The device also appears to have a new speaker at the back of the phone.

    Nokia says the E72 uses active noise cancellation to make calls clearer. The handset also has a 3.5mm headphone jack — unlike its predecessor — so standard headphones can be used without an adaptor.

    In terms of its dimensions, the E72 is almost identical to the E71 — it is the same height and thickness, but is 1mm wider and a gram heavier.

Topic: Networking

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