Nokia teases 'caller blacklist' for Lumia phones as Amber update rolls out

Nokia teases 'caller blacklist' for Lumia phones as Amber update rolls out

Summary: Nokia users will soon be able to block those pesky private caller ID numbers favoured by call centres with a new filter for Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices.

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Some Nokia Lumia owners can access a new caller and SMS blacklist feature that will become available to Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices as and when carriers rollout Nokia's latest 'Amber' update.

Lumia owners with the Amber update that Nokia is rolling out this month via carriers can begin blocking unwanted calls with a new feature in an update to the 'extras and info' app.

To begin blocking calls from certain numbers, people can scroll through their list of latest calls in the 'phone' tile and long-tap on the entry, which offers the option to 'block number'. After confirming, the device will block calls and text messages from that number.

Currently only the Lumia 625, 925 and 1020 have the option to download the app update from the Windows Store (since they ship with Amber).

According to Nokia, carriers will release Amber in August, which appears to be being released alongside Microsoft's own update called General Distribution Release 2 (GDR2).

Once Lumia owners have Amber, they will be able activate the blacklist feature and block calls, for example, from all 'private' numbers — often used by sales call centres. 

The blacklist can be managed via 'settings' --> 'call and SMS filter', which displays how many calls and messages have been blocked and offers a chance to remove numbers mistakenly added to the list. The filter can also be set to block calls during certain periods. Other management features include activating a Live Tile and notifications for the filter.

The Amber update should help Nokia align the experience between already-released devices and newer Lumia devices like the 625.

For example, the Nokia Pro Camera that ships with the Lumia 1020 will be available to the Lumia 920, 925 and 928 with Amber, as are the image processing software updates it flagged at the release of the Lumia 925.

Topics: Nokia, Windows Phone

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  • tut tut

    You know they are f***ked when they are now starting to copy Android features.....and they said Nokia was an innovative company.......or is it that scheiss from Microsoft that they install ?
    • Everyone copies everyone

      It would be a terribly restrictive world if the only ones that could implement ideas were the original ones. In the world of technology, this is even more true. Why you think this is a sign of weakness is beyond me. I'm glad you have rose-colored glasses with Android. Surely you can't be so high on them to think they don't take ideas from other companies.
      • Re: Everyone copies everyone

        Sure. But being such a laggard about it is just embarrassing.
      • Re: Everyone copies everyone

        LOL, do you want me to mention what ARE THE FEATURES android coped from nokia?
        IOS and android copied a lot from symbian...

        BTW I used to live in Nagoya for more than a decade. Do you know that majority of Japanese phones used to use Symbian 2 OS? All those features that android and IOS released were already exposed by Symbian 2 years before Google and Mac started planning to join the market. Guess who wrote all Symbian OS? Even s60 already have bunch of features android and IOS copied.

        Before you post something, make sure you know what you are talking about.
        Raynier Mark Bautista
    • Android was first with call blocking?

      Put down the apple strength koolaid son, you've had enough.
    • What?

      The must have copied this feature from iOS 7, I tell you! And now, Microsoft is quick to push the update, just in time before iOS 7 is released, so that they can claim prior art.


      • @danbi

        Ha ha....
    • Just for you

      For Windows Mobile 2003, you know, the smartphone that existed before Google and apple "invented" the concept.
      • Re: Just for you

        Funny enough you, the fanboy would congratulate NokiaSoft for this: A feature that was available in the (licensed from who knows whom) Windows Mobile in 2003 has reached the (licensed from who knows whom) Windows Phone 8 in 2013. How many years it took Microsoft to integrate an "old feature" they "already had"?

        You just can't make this stuff up!
        • Come on danbi, we know that you would NEVER compliment MS for anything

          So why pretend you are here for anything other then your usual hate fest?
          William Farrel
          • Re: you would NEVER compliment MS for anything

            You have short memory, obviously.

            I already congratulated Microsoft for being brave to move on with WinRT. However, as it turned out later, I was wrong... Microsoft was actually unable to deliver on that promise. So here, I both congratulated Microsoft and admitted I was wrong. What more could an fanboy desire? :)

            I am here for the show that you are your pals like Toddy make and for the rare event when you shills don't spoil the good conversation, so I can learn something.
        • @danbi

          Say total of 9 months after Windows Phone 8 launched? That's only three quarters of an year.
      • Re: For Windows Mobile 2003, you know

        Wonder why Microsoft and Nokia couldn't have built on that, then, instead of persisting with this toy called "Windows Phone".
    • Huh?

      Seems like a pretty obvious feature for a phone. Android is built around copying others. Might want to educate yourself... you aren't sounding the brightest :)
    • Tut tut

      You know they are f***ked when they are now starting to copy Verizon features (had that option for years before Android came out).....and they said Google was an innovative company.......or is it that scheiss from Google that they install ?
      William Farrel
      • Re: and they said Google was an innovative company

        Oh, I didn't know now Google tells Microsoft and Nokia what to do... impressive things happen when you go to bed with the NSA...
    • Not a copy!

      You don't know any thing! Nokia introduced call and message block years ago on its basic phones like Nokia 1110i, 1208, 1650, etc. That is named as "Screened Numbers" or "Screened Messages".
      probably most of you didn't observed it, go check it. This feature was introduced around 2003 long before Android and iPhone came to market. First check before commenting. Android copied many features from Symbian s60 and iOS platforms, and now android is No.2 in market.
      Kamesh Karra
    • Sure, sure

      webOS had it before Android had it built-in, does that mean Android copied it from webOS? Hell, even my old Motorola Razr V6 Maxx (you know, the old but beloved by me, flip phone) had it built in! So Palm copied it from Motorola and Google from Palm! Damn, what a fucked up world!!!
      Heimen Stoffels
    • tut tut

      NOKIA was the first one to introduce NFC..., so everyone copied.., what do you have to say about this now.??
      should all phone manufacturers stop giving NFC in their phones...???
      Innovation does not mean that the technology or idea is restricted to the inventor only.....!!
      Which phone manufacturer has its own apps..?? NOKIA is one which has so many apps of itself build into each phone made by them...can you name any other which has so many apps of itself...??? Nokia has its own maps.., does Samsung, BlackBerry, HTC have their own maps..Apple does have, but they are not can get lost with them..
      so, my friend, everyone follows the trend...