Nokia Windows RT tablet will include keyboard cover with built-in battery

Nokia Windows RT tablet will include keyboard cover with built-in battery

Summary: The cell phone giant will offer a case that goes one better than Microsoft's own Type Cover for its Surface tablet.

TOPICS: Tablets, Nokia, Windows

There have been recent rumors about Nokia extending its Windows-based product line by jumping into tablets, and The Verge now claims to have more information about the Finnish phone giant's forthcoming Windows RT slate.

Like Microsoft's Surface model, the Nokia Windows RT tablet will feature a 10.1-inch screen and run on an ARM chip.  One notable difference, though, is that the Nokia tablet will have a cellular networking option, with AT&T set to offer it in the U.S.

Nokia is also going to try to up the ante on the Surface with its cover. Its Windows RT tablet will also offer a cover with a keyboard included, but unlike the Surface's Type Cover, it will additionally include a built-in battery to extend your time away from a power outlet. It will have a kickstand, too, but the Surface already has one built into its hardware.

Of course, how Nokia plans to price its Windows RT tablet (and its cover) may be as important as any specs it has. We may find out as soon as February, when Nokia may announce its intentions at the Mobile World Congress event.

Topics: Tablets, Nokia, Windows

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  • 7 inch

    Let's have a 7 inch tablet please
    • Re: 7 inch

      Windows doesn't support 7-inch tablets.
      • Not yet that is

        Microsoft is bound to make Windows RT compatible with 7 inch tablets. They'd miss out on a whole lot if they didn't.
        • Re: Microsoft is bound to make Windows RT compatible with 7 inch tablets.

          That will require a new version of Windows. And what about compatibility with existing apps? Users will have to wait for developers to catch up, while in the meantime enduring squashed-down or strangely-distorted UIs.

          After all, Windows isn't adaptable like Android, you know.
          • Windows isn't adaptable?

            "After all, Windows isn't adaptable like Android, you know."

            Huh? Windows and all x86 windows apps have handled multiple resolutions for decades. Windows 8 and the associated metro apps run at any resolution I give it. The same should be true of Windows RT, as these are the same apps. According to MS hardware guidelines, the minimum resolution is 1024x768... or the same as the iPad Mini.

          • Re: Windows and all x86 windows apps have handled multiple resolutions

            Then why is there no 7-inch Windows tablet, to compete with Android?

            I rest my case.
          • Youre name says it all Idiot

            For the same reason that this is no 5" iPhone, because it can't be done /s
            Burger Meister
    • It's been rumored

      that HTC may be developing a 7 inch tablet. Although any deskop programs, such as office would be utterly useless unless you are using a keyboard and some kind of trackpad or mouse.
      Sam Wagner
      • Re: It's been rumored that HTC may be developing a 7 inch tablet.

        For Android, not Windows.
        • Actually

          "But now Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft has apparently relented, and HTC will be producing a pair of new tablets running Windows RT and slated to be released in Q3 of 2013. They will not only be notable for their size -- one is expected to be 7 inches and the other 12 inches -- but also because they will allow users to make phone calls directly from the devices. The 7-inch version would be the first Windows RT model in that size and compete against the Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, and Apple iPad mini."

  • price is critical

    The Surface RT is way overpriced IMO....let's see if Nokia can do better.
  • Nokia Windows RT tablet will include keyboard cover with built-in battery

    If its true this is going to be one heck of a machine. Nice solid build. I will be first in line to try it. Hopefully it will include some of the great innovative software that Nokia has included in its Microsoft Windows 8 line of phones.
    • Hopefullly,

      it will also have GPS.
  • being that

    this article is based on 'recent rumors' it would be erroneous for one to ASSume that the batteries are soldered in place.

    PS: I heard a rumor that Apple products are waterproof, have you tested yours out yet?
  • crap-AT

    Can't Verizon jump in just once? Still waiting on Lumia 922, Big V.
    • Re:•crap-AT

      If you read the interview with the Nokia CEO Verizon isn't going to happen. I bit the bullet and switched from Verizon to AT&T to get the Lumia 920 and I haven't regretted it. My monthly bill is cheaper too.
  • Nokia Windows Rt tablet will include will include a keyboard cover battery

    what I do not like is that the Microsoft RT OS is getting too much criticism because it only uses the touch screen enabled apps that are in it software's store. it's not fair because the Apple IPADS and the Android Tablets do exactly the same thing. they only use the touch screen enabled Apps that are in their software's store. the Windows RT OS is the newest Tablet on the block and it will take about a year for it to really get a useful portfolio of Apps to satisfy everyone. Microsoft has said it will support Windows RT for at least 4 years that means even if Microsoft's OEM partners do not make any more window s RT tablet computers at least the Microsoft Surface RT will get be supported with Updates and new Apps over a four year period
    which is good for the folks who just purchased a surface RT computer.
  • nokia Rt tablet will inclued a keyboard cover with a built in battery

    Folks Windows 8 is going to get a big update known as blue which will enable Windows 8 and probably Windows RT to be put on 7 and 8 inch tablets Computers. HTC is sait to be the first with a 7 inch inch Windows RT Tablet. Microsoft needs to make a 9 inch- 4 by 3 shaped Tablet like the Ipad because they are easier to hold than a 16 by 9 shaped tablet. Microsoft has stated that it will support the RT OS for 4 years so The Nokia Rt tablet as well as other Microsoft RT tablets will get updates and New Apps over years to come
  • 7 Inch, why so important?

    Why is a 7" tablet so important??
    Tom Simeone