Nokia's 'big' tease: Lumia 625?

Nokia's 'big' tease: Lumia 625?

Summary: "Something BIG landing here tomorrow," Nokia writes in a blog post. Well then.

Photo illustration: Andrew Nusca

In a coquettish turn, Nokia's Ian Delaney pubished a blog post this morning about everything and nothing at the same time:

"Something BIG landing here tomorrow," reads the headline. "We can't tell you what it is yet. But we can tell you when. Tune in tomorrow at 9am UK time. See you then!"

Commenters on that post have some idea:

  • "It might be the 10.1" Nokia tablet initially designed to run Windows RT"
  • "It's the Lumia 625 orange, with 4.7 inch screen and translucent body, just like the Lumia 620 lemon"
  • "merge with Microsoft"
  • "Lumia 1020!!!"
  • "Instagram?"
  • "Its RED so first ever Lumia phablet 625 in red!" much for the wisdom of the crowd.

Or not!'s John Hsu suspects Nokia's announcement is indeed the Lumia 625, a 4.7-inch, "low-end" Windows Phone 8 smartphone. Why? The massive-displayed device recently acquired regulatory approval in the U.S. and China.

Hsu notes that the Lumia 625 is expected to carry a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 512 megabytes of memory, a five-megapixel rear camera (VGA front), a 2000mAh battery and a 4G LTE radio. But those are only rumors.

We'll find out soon.

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  • It should have a gig of RAM

    • It's a budget phone.

      Also, this is Windows Phone.

      Most applications will run well on 512 MB.

      The original 620 costs $200 subsidized.

      That was, and still is, one hell of a deal for a smartphone.

      Expect this one to be like the former, but for Verizon.
      • Budget Phones are Huge

        Agreed - budget phones are huge, as recent stats showed. The 5xx phone (520?) was at the very top of most units in use, so whether geeks think it's big, it could be huge for Nokia's bottom line. On the other hand, there have been rumors of AT&T getting a red 1020, but I'm not convinced that's significant enough for a big to-do.
        • Got Carried Away

          Not likely there'll be an AT&T-related announcement in London.
    • 99% of games run on 512mb for windows phones

      Odd as that may seem, windows phone8 tends to be run better on hardware than iOS/Android.

      It is a very lean operating system.
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  • May be a red 7 inch tablet running Window Phones OS

    Lumia tablet...may be it will sell better that RT...
    • Microsoft Has Said 'No'

      And I can't see Nokia getting to make the announcement that Microsoft changed their view on that one.
  • Give us a Lumia Skype phone

    Save me $60/month on useless minutes and text fees PLEASE!
    • You don't want to go against carriers like that :)

      Windows phone is already not much loved, that would make it even worse.
  • They Fired Stephen Elop and are going with Android!

    Nuff said
    • Why would they do that?

      That's a serious question.
      Michael Alan Goff
      • Three reasons...

        1. OP love for Android only.
        2. OP hate for MSFT extended to ex-MSFT.
        3. OP inability to limit argument outside extremes.