Nokia's Lumia 900 slated for UK release in May

Nokia's Lumia 900 slated for UK release in May

Summary: Carphone Warehouse has listed the Windows Phone-based Lumia 900 for sale in the UK from May on its website


Carphone Warehouse has listed the Nokia Lumia 900 on its site with an 'expected' May release date.

Nokia Lumia 900

Carphone Warehouse has listed the Windows Phone-based Lumia 900 for sale in the UK from May on its website. Image credit: Nokia

The Windows Phone-based Lumia 900 features a palm-stretching 4.3-inch display. By comparison, its sister phone the Lumia 800 has a 3.7-inch screen. No details of pricing were given.

Carphone Warehouse is letting people register for alerts when the phone becomes available to pre-order. Carphone Warehouse actually leaked the Lumia 900's arrival in the UK back in January, with a listing page that went live and was subsequently taken down.

For more on this ZDNet UK-selected story, see Nokia Lumia 900 set to hit the UK in May on CNET UK.

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  • Before today, I would have said WP7 had a chance. The Nokia Lumia 710 is a good solid budget phone, its let down slightly by being bland, having limted music storage and no wifi tethering, but for Joe Bloggs - its a good - bog standard phone, with an excellent browser. For £150 on Vodaphone PAYG in the UK it hits the key price point for mass adoption (well did)

    With the release of the iPad HD & iOS 5.1, I'd bluntly say WP7 is pretty much dead in the water. The Nokia Lumia 900 is out of date before its even reached the shops. Its fundamentally (if you squint) the Lumia 710, without a added advantage of a removable battery, with the addition of a front facing camera. The price is immaterial, spending anything more than £150 on WP7 is a brave move at this point in time.

    WP7 has essentially being relegated from a Smartphone to, in effect a 'featurephone'. Nice interface, but a limited ecosystem, with most new app development being a 2 some (Android and iPhone), rather than a 3 some, gives it a 'featurephone' feel.

    Whether you love or hate Apple. Apple pulled it out the bag today with the new iPad, it literally stamped on the competition. It essentially killed off the budget tablets, leaving Samsung, Asus, Amazon and 'maybe' Sony. If you cared about Windows 8 on Arm before, that was before today - and this is now. I can't believe I'm saying it but Apple, Job done. Corporates potentially just switched sides.
  • Interesting, as a system administrator there is a lot more to IT thank providing an OS to people. It is the glue behind it. Apple are a decade behind in the enterprise management side. The hardware is brilliant, more than required, futureproof, but too expensive. The management of them through the traditional means, to which we are resigned, are astronomical.
    Win8 will dovetail nicely into an Active Directory raise the profile of Windows Phone (naff name - stigma attached to it)
    as for this phone, back to the article, really good device. this is my favourite for when i renew.