Nostalgia Tech 2: 20 Retro PC Ads

Nostalgia Tech 2: 20 Retro PC Ads

Summary: Take a trip down memory lane with these old PC ads. We sure have come a long way since then -- on style and pricing.


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Topics: After Hours, Apple, Hardware, IBM, Microsoft, Unified Comms

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  • Interesting.

    I knew only 4 out of that list.
    Ram U
    • Okay

      ... so let's get this straight: you were "involved" with the Radio Shack guy; the tacky, comb-over Exec', by the pool, with the C-64; the Honeywell guy, and the Franklin look alike.

      ... Well, no one could ever say you're not kinky.

      (p.s. by the way, that would have to make you like a complete dinosaur ... how old are you?)
      • Not sure where the attitude is coming from...

        I predate ALL of those products. It's more fun having seen all the steps it took to get to today's computers, to be honest.

        But hey - if you want to be a mindless consumer who buys what they're told to and doesn' t know better because you don't know anything more than 5 years old....

        Oh wait.. you are.
  • Who says sex doesn't sell? I want Interlude today!

    Unfortunately, I sold my Apple II+ a long time ago. Darn. I wonder how she looks today? Grin.
    • Very likely

      discoloured and a little dusty.

      Oh, wait ... you meant ... ;-)
  • I remember most of those ads.

    Wow. What a great memory lane trip.
  • Whu....

    TEN MEGABYES for only $5995.00?!?!?!

    That's awesome, but how in the world could I ever fill TEN MEGABYES!!! I mean that's like 10 million double spaced, typed pages of information.

    I think I'll save a few bucks and go for the model with the 5 megabyte hard drive.
    • And the best part was 8.3 file names.

      No sub-directories:-)
    • Wait.. it gets better...

      That was in mid-1970s dollars. That's over $25,000 in today's dollars.

      To make it scarier - Apple's first try at the Macintosh - the Lisa - sold for $10,000 which would be around $40,000 today.
    • RE: that's like 10 million double spaced, typed pages of information.

      No that's like 10 million characters.
  • Laughable

    Who would need a 16bit microprocessor when you get 8bit with the entry level.
    As if anyone's going to utilise the power of a 16bit model!
    Little Old Man
  • Telecoms Breakthrough.

    Dial up 56 KBaud...

    How I miss those days....
    • Just set one up

      The are still around, just set one up for a special application.
  • This stuff is funny

    It's hilarious how 'hipster' is the new Nerd 2.0, but somehow that makes it cool.
  • Dates!!

    Really would like to see the dates for all of those models. ... and I lusted after many of them.
    Peter Sabin
  • The Vanguard Ad'

    I really liked that machine in the Vanguard ad' ... the I/O must've been great at the time.

    (... the freestanding, Vanguard computer mustn't have been too bad either [sic])
  • Higher Billing Rates...

    Ha! Imagine how much it would cost to get Bill Gates on your ads today!?!
  • Sexy Flashback

    Awesome set of ads Eileen. I remember many of these devices The first ad was super provocative and must have warmed up many pocket protectors and steamed up more than one pair of eye glasses :-)
  • Love the Vanguard ad!

    But what's with the hairy guy sitting at the pool? Is he crazy!!
  • What's funny

    What's funny is that the TRS80 came with a chicklet keyboard to save money, and to me that was a compromise that made it less than a "real" computer with a real keyboard with sculpted keycaps. And yet today, chicklet keyboards are pretty much standard on laptops and becoming more an more common on desktops. I guess the TRS80 was just ahead of its time!