Nostalgia Tech 5: Ultra sexist computer ads

Nostalgia Tech 5: Ultra sexist computer ads

Summary: Would these ads persuade you to buy your next new device? Not too long ago you would have seen them everywhere. Warning some are definitely NSFW.

TOPICS: Hardware

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Topic: Hardware

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  • I don't get it

    What is wrong with any of that? (JUST KIDDING - but the Republican Party is probably thinking this).
    D.J. 43
    • Har har har.

      Would you like some more kool-aid?
  • I don't see what is sexist

    About attractive women who are portrayed as businesswomen.
    Susan Antony
    • Are the Sega ones for real?

      I don't remember seeing them here Britain.
      • They are quite famous

        Although I haven't seen them myself, and therefore can't really vouch for their reality, they are quite famous. I've seen many people talking about them and showing them to others.
        Patrick Aupperle
  • not sure

    I am not sure that Bill Gates doing his best to look dreamy can be considered sexist. Sad, yes, Desperate, yes, unlikely, Yes, but Sexist?
    • Bill Gates ... and other ads

      is obviously not "sexist" (I assume you mean male chauvinist), but as a parody of ads that show "sexily posed women", that ad is hilarious. Since he has always been well dressed and well groomed, I assume that some WOMEN may find him sexy ... and with a sense of humor.

      Whatever it was, it won over Melinda, and the pictures of her I have seen are quite attractive; she could have had a "male bimbo" but she chose Bill.

      The ads that show attractive women who have no connection to the product are appealing to the majority of their intended audience, male IT executives and computer "nerds"; it does humanize the product to show a person, and it may as well be a person who would get the attention of the audience; I have seen ads for other products featuring the Kevin Sorbo type of male model (one instant latte-type drink even contrasts "ordinary" coffee in a paper cup to their Scandinavian gentleman (Swedish accent and blond hair) serving his customer in a fine porcelain cup, with the customer escaping her hectic office to relax and enjoy the coffee ... and virtually at least, the server).

      The questionable ads here to me are the ones that use porn-type double entendre; the server that "won't go down either" and the two game joystick ads are embarrassing, and one of those refers to a non-fact-based stereotype. I hope those have become obsolete by now. I suspect that the gamer population is not as full of "frustrated boys" as these ads portray them, and that would kill their marketing appeal.
  • Huh?

    I see absolutely nothing sexist about the Bill Gates ad. But I will concede that Bell and Howell overreached with its 'projection'.
    • Projector?

      Was there a projector in that ad?
      • Rain..

        I thought she came with the projector to keep the dust off...
        True Patriot
  • Huh2?

    That projector ad made me afraid I would put my eye out?
  • Sega What?

    One common theme is suggestive language & images to sell gadgets. I agree with some that almost put my out out with the projector ad. The Sega ad cracks me up. One word hilarious.
  • wins it for me.

    "Don't worry, our servers wont go down on your either."

    Too funny
  • Surely...

    Surely we're not saying that the spreadsheet ad is sexist are we? If so why? Is it the lighting? Would you think twice about it if it were a dude sitting there?
    • Actually ...

      the spreadsheet ad parodies and debunks sexist stereotypes ... the female customer is, obviously, attractive, but in a chaste "office friendly" way, and SHE is the executive who needs a wider screen to see all the columns in HER spreadsheet. In other words, give her what she wants, she could be YOUR BOSS. ;)
  • These seem like comedy

    Reminds me stuff Ron Burgundy would say in a lot of them.
    D.J. 43
  • I wouldn't call the Bill Gates' ad sexist, sexy, or anything else.

    Though he does look like he just got stoned before the photo shoot.
    William Farrel
  • Sexism?

    Yeah, I think whoever wrote the headline is looking too hard for sexism. While some of the ads definitely reinforced gender stereotypes that are thankfully considered obsolete today, not all depictions of sexuality are sexist. The one that mentioned killing was just plane obnoxious. On the other hand, the Bill Gates ad is great parody. Now if you're suggesting that female models should not be hired for advertising photo shoots, THAT'S sexism!
    • Looking too hard for it?

      Problem is with our 'lovely' PC society (at least in USA), far too many people are looking for just about anything to be sexist. I've actually had women blow-up at me for opening and holding the door for them. Go figure.
  • Equinox 100

    Apparently I'm missing something because I don't see what is "ultra sexist" about the Equinox 100 ad. Substitute a man holding a glass of wine in that same ad and do you see a problem?