Not as thick as some: 7 thin clients tested

Not as thick as some: 7 thin clients tested

Summary: Thin client reviews: HP Compaq t5700, Ipex ThinClient 3350, Maxspeed 3300B, Sun Ray 150, Wyse 1200LE, Wyse 3125SE, Wyse 9650XE.


Ipex ThinOffice WBT300Ipex ThinOffice WBT300

The Ipex thin client is very similar in physical dimensions to the HP however it is built into a sturdy rectangular metal chassis that is the traditional IT beige colour.

The case has some physical facilities for a smart card reader and a PCMCIA socket, but neither was installed in the unit we looked at. Perhaps they may be available as an option on other models. The CPU is a VIA C3 Eden ESP Ezra/Samuel 2 chip. There is also a IDE connector on the mainboard which had a M-Systems DiskOnChip 16MB flash memory module plugged into it which contains the Microsoft CE O/S and custom configurations.

The system boots into a Windows CE connection manager that allows you to set/configure and also connect to your thin client serving environment. The Microsoft Windows CE environment is something worthy of further consideration to ensure your users and applications will be comfortable operating on that platform especially when you consider the Linux/Solaris/Unix or Embedded XP alternatives.

 Thin Clients

 Thin client reviews:

   HP Compaq t5700
   Ipex ThinClient 3350
   Maxspeed 3300B
   Sun Sun Ray 150
   Wyse 1200LE
   Wyse 3125SE
   Wyse 9650XE
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ProductIpex ThinClient 3350
Phone1800 222 479
Supports all the common standards.
Runs Windows CE; a good set of ports means adequate futureproofing.
Very good price.
Its three-year warranty is the average and quite acceptable .

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  • WT1200 is not Linux-based

    Winterm WT1200, or 1xxx series in general, has NOTHING to do with Linux, it runs Wyse Thin OS (WTOS - formally Blazer), which is proprietary OS developed by Wyse, and it fits 512 kB of flash memory in case of WT1200 (AFAIR WT1200 does not have NAND flash at all). Linux is used in WT5xxx series.
  • HP Compaq t5700 uses a riser-card for PCI device

    Onboard PCI slot is not meant to have PCI device directly inserted in it. HP Compaq t5700 can be equipped with special riser-card and bigger case, and PCI card is mounted vertically, not horizontally (moreover, it is upside-down). Part of case is replaced with bigger case (that has hole) from kit with riser card.