Not as thick as some: 7 thin clients tested

Not as thick as some: 7 thin clients tested

Summary: Thin client reviews: HP Compaq t5700, Ipex ThinClient 3350, Maxspeed 3300B, Sun Ray 150, Wyse 1200LE, Wyse 3125SE, Wyse 9650XE.


Maxspeed MaxTerm 8300BMaxspeed MaxTerm 8300B

And we thought only IBM and Dell came out with ultra black IT equipment. Almost twice the dimensions of the Ipex and HP thin clients it is still considerably smaller than your average desktop PC--more like a Sony PS2 console.

There is a single PCI slot on the mainboard but no riser/convertor card to change the direction. Also there are two standard molex power connectors: one HDD/CD ROM type and one FDD type. So there is plenty of expansion room. The IDE port is connected to a Compact Flash memory card reader/writer that has a 64MB CF card in it to hold the operating system and other non-volatile data.

Once connected up and powered on the operator is confronted with a Linux desktop. We found the configuration menu very easy to follow and feature rich. In a matter of minutes we had manually configured the network although it also can detect and set itself via DHCP. This application is truly somewhere that Linux could finally find that leg into the corporate environment that it has been searching for. The fact that Linux is based on thin TCP/IP networking technology from the base up means that its communications and transactions with the servers can be very direct and fast with the minimum of overheads.

This system has plenty of room for expansion and also has the attraction of introducing users to running a Linux environment.

 Thin Clients

 Thin client reviews:

   HP Compaq t5700
   Ipex ThinClient 3350
   Maxspeed 3300B
   Sun Sun Ray 150
   Wyse 1200LE
   Wyse 3125SE
   Wyse 9650XE
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ProductMaxspeed 3300B
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Supports all the common standards.
Runs Linux, plenty of ports and expansion room.
Good price for the features.
Three-year warranty with immediate replacement is good.

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  • WT1200 is not Linux-based

    Winterm WT1200, or 1xxx series in general, has NOTHING to do with Linux, it runs Wyse Thin OS (WTOS - formally Blazer), which is proprietary OS developed by Wyse, and it fits 512 kB of flash memory in case of WT1200 (AFAIR WT1200 does not have NAND flash at all). Linux is used in WT5xxx series.
  • HP Compaq t5700 uses a riser-card for PCI device

    Onboard PCI slot is not meant to have PCI device directly inserted in it. HP Compaq t5700 can be equipped with special riser-card and bigger case, and PCI card is mounted vertically, not horizontally (moreover, it is upside-down). Part of case is replaced with bigger case (that has hole) from kit with riser card.