Not even Steve Jobs could sell live tiles on iOS 8

Not even Steve Jobs could sell live tiles on iOS 8

Summary: A report has raised its ugly head that says Apple needs to make a mobile OS that converges OS X with iOS. This would make Apple's mobile offering more like Windows 8, perhaps with live tiles and all. Um, that's never going to happen.

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Based on a report by Business Insider, an analyst with JP Morgan believes that Apple needs to radically change iOS, presumably starting with iOS 8, to be more like Windows 8. The new iOS would blend OS X and iOS into a single operating system, much along the lines of Windows 8. The thought of an Apple mobile OS with live tiles makes it clear it is not likely something the folks in Cupertino would do.

Win8 to iOS
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With Windows 8 we've seen how difficult, perhaps impossible, it is to make a single OS work well on both traditional computers and tablets. What works well on one device type often fails miserably on the other. Putting a touch screen on everything does nothing to improve that user experience. It just doesn't work.

Imagining a future version of the iPad with live tiles on the home screen is painful. Not even Jobs could sell this to the masses.

That's what the suggestion of a more Windows-like iOS doesn't address, and a user experience that is less than good is not something that Apple would do even without Steve Jobs around. Imagining a future version of the iPad with live tiles on the home screen is painful. Not even Jobs could sell this to the masses.

Apple's insistence on making compelling hardware with software that is both easy to use and optimized for a primary use scenario is a strong indicator that this converged OS that is being speculated by JP Morgan isn't going to happen. Producing a device of any type with an inconsistent user experience is something totally against Apple's DNA.

It's long been speculated that Apple intends to merge OS X and iOS at some point down the road. I believe the reason that process isn't further along can be traced to the difficulty Microsoft has with Windows 8. Even Windows enthusiasts often agree that the 'one-OS-fits-all' nature of Windows 8 doesn't work for both mobile and desktop situations. That's what Apple faces if they try to do this, and it is this writer's opinion that it can't be done.

Let's face it, if you're going to borrow concepts to implement in your own products, you don't borrow from a product that isn't exactly well received in the market. That alone is a good reason why Apple wouldn't make iOS more like Windows.

While iOS may end up taking on some of OS X's functionality, it's going to be very minor. Anything more would force Apple to desktopify the OS that runs on the iPhone and iPad, and that's not going to fly.

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Topics: Mobility, Apple, iOS, iPhone, iPad

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  • We shall see if MS strategy works

    If it does, we'll all be singing a different tune. If it doesn't, the technorati will get to say "I told you so."

    Actually, the technorati will somehow manage to say, "I told you so" no matter what happens. :)
    x I'm tc

      With a little more RAM, the new 64-BIT IOS chipset on a future Ipad Pro could run a stripped down version OSX easily.

      A USB port wouldn't hurt either. Then I could finally ditch my POS, failed, Win 8, hybrid thingamajiggy that I use at work!

      That's because printer drivers, file management, and Office (I own versions 2008 and 2011 for Mac), would no longer pose a problem in the Enterprise.

      I don't think an Ipad Pro would kill off Apple's Mac business either, as I already have two Macs and would surely upgrade if and when they stop working.

      OSX is just a smoother OS, and I'm a dyed in the wool techie who can appreciate that.

      My Ipad is great for mobile... my Windows hybrid sucks at mobile!
      • Oh god...

        "Processor architecture". It's word with meaning. You should read up on it. It means your statements are wrong.

          It's a given my Ipad Air already has a CPU, chipset component hardware, firmware, and version of IOS that's specifically tuned to support a 64-BIT architecture, but it can't run OSX in it's current configuration.

          However, to run OSX (which IOS is a dirivative of already), a theoretical IPad Pro would need a new chipset, and of course more RAM for the full OSX experience, and this added RAM would also allow robust applications to take advantage of the extra addressable memory that this new architecture provides!

          Do you want me to say that in English?
          • You lost all credibility when you used caps-lock.

            Anyone who is actually intelligent, doesn't need caps-lock to express themselves. They also know how to spell "derivative." I have a Mac and several iOS devices. It's blathering zealots like you who give the rest of Mac owners a bad reputation.

            A real "techie" would know that the Intel architecture (which runs full OS X) is not even close to the same architecture as the A series CPUs used in iPads. There is far more to CPU architecture than simply being 64 bit or having similar chip sets. It's true that OS X and iOS share some kernel code which was ported. However, it's much easier to port a kernel than an entire OS, including the user interface. At the moment it would be impossible to port the entire OS to the iPad. Until Apple can create a version of the A series CPUs which can keep up with Intel CPUs in every way, full OS X would not run on an iPad "Pro."

            Then, there is the fact that there would be no point in putting OS X on iPads. It would kill iPad sales. It's far more likely that OS X would be modified to work like iOS than the other way around. Apple's iOS devices have become far more popular than the Mac ever was. Their iOS devices account for the vast majority of their corporate income. Just buy a Macbook Air if you want a super portable Mac.

            Remember, it's better to be silent and have people suspect you're an idiot than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.
          • Bill, Orandy is a linux guy

            So really he is doing the Linux community the disservice of being their self appointed champion.

            Beyond that I think you are right that Apple will modify OSx to be more like iOS for the reasons you list. It can already be seen happening in some way now.
          • Leave Him Be...

            The trick isn't creating an ARM processor that can keep up with the best of Intel. The trick is creating one that doesn't need a fan and doesn't require a five pound battery to run for a few hours. The 64-bit iPad Air is already as powerful as low-end Intel chips and from a GPU perspective, it's has gaming legs.

            If Windows can run on ARM, OS/X can run on ARM.
          • Already here for years

            Baytrail/Clovertrail tablets the weight of an iPad are already here. Fanless with 5-10 hours depending on configuration.

            Just refrain from ever trying to critique intelligent people in the future.

            :0 )
          • You are a lot of things...

            But "intelligent" and "dyed in the wool techie" are not on the list.. You're a spambot idiot who spends his days posting here on and on CNET your nonsensical garbage...
          • Your post was deleted because of language

            Read the TOS that you agreed to. Inappropriate language can result in posts being deleted. Deal with it...clean up your language, or get used to your posts being removed.
            ZDNet Moderator
          • This is an unnecessary show of your "authority"

            Do it in private. No one needs to know why you hit the delete key. Don't get tact-less just because others do. Keep it classy.
          • Sometimes a "refresher" is needed.

            People accuse the authors of deleting posts, as for orandy I don't know where their comment of deleting posts is aimed. I haven't been part of any of this discussion til explaining why the post was removed.
            All of us have agreed to abide by the TOS when we signed up, and our continued use of the forum indicates we accept those terms.
            "Show of my authority"...nah, I'm just a volunteer moderator, no real authority.
            ZDNet Moderator

            Dude, really?
            Rann Xeroxx
          • But...

            "A real "techie" would know that the Intel architecture (which runs full OS X) is not even close to the same architecture as the A series CPUs used in iPads."

            You seem to forget that OS X was NOT created to run on intel processors but on PowerPC CPUs. Also, the original port to intel took ONE man a matter of a week to create a basic port years before the actual intel switch.

            It's not unfathomable that Apple is already working on something in house, but it find it far more likely they create their own chips for using OSX on ARM in a Mac computer, rather than a mobile product which has entirely different needs.
      • How exactly

        does your windows hybrid suck at mobile?
      • ABSURD...

        The management at Apple Computer are not idiots....... Unlike the guys at MS, they recognize that a tablet is in a completely different category. While the users and app developers may push the limits of a tablet somewhat, few serious users will abandon their desktop for a tablet, it isn't and never will be a substitute. In any case the App Store is a major profit center for Apple, and I predict that one of the later versions of OSX will have the ability to run apps designed for the Ipad, but expecting a tablet to run full scale desktop applications and do serious processing is a bit over the top. Apple does not and has never followed Microsoft........ that would be like the horse following the cart!!
      • Stripped down OSX

        That idea is like selling Win 8 RT and saying it is Windows. If it won't run what a full fledged desktop would, either Mac or PC, then people will complain. If Apple wanted to port OSX to the iPad it would have to be able to run everything or else it would be deemed a fail.
      • I'm guessing you don't have a Windows hybrid, orandy

        I like how all (and I do mean all) the usual MS haters suddenly have all this experience because "their works forced the tablets" onto them.

        Your childish, little kiddie anti-MS rants lead me to believe that you're not a techie in any way.
        When your technical mistakes are pointed out, or you're asked for proof of your claims, you just start calling people names.

        Something a 10 year old does, not an honest user of technology.
    • Look,..look,..look.........

      This is just nutty. People who dont care about if the company is Apple or the company is MS or Google, have said from day 1 of the Windows 8 concept is that the problem is for a company like Apple, or Google for that matter is that MS had at least one thing right, OS convergence was going to happen eventually, at least to a fairly large degree.

      its almost a gimme. If you feel MS missed the mark badly with W8, fine, but saying its not where the future is heading is ridiculous.

      And touch screen? I want to see some moron make an argument that there is some good reason why touch screen should only be on smaller mobile devices? Right now nobody is talking about PC computing being relegated to touch screen only, just touch screen capable. Its a natural part of the evolution. No reason it should not be there and available to use when it would be helpful.

      Well we had plenty of Apple Jacks claiming that Apple knows better, no convergence or touch screen for the Macs because thats the Apples knows best way.

      Well, no. Its not. Common sense says different. Of course sensibility should dictate Apple shouldnt go that route until they can execute it pretty flawlessly, but YA, its going to happen with Macs one day, convergence of OS and touch screen. Why anyone would prattle on that its not going to happen just because MS is doing it first, is out of their mind.

      For heavens sake, some things in life are just terribly obvious and intuitive and some significant form of OS convergence and universally availability of touch screen operation will obviously one day be the status quo.

      For any that want to remain competitive.